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  1. Thanks for the response. Hmm? Considering all my other software uses the space bar to activate Select, this really infringes on my workflow habits.
  2. I'm starting out with VW. All my other software has the spacebar set to exit the current tool and switch to "select." Can I make this change in VW.
  3. I'm trying to understand some of the aspects of this program. First "join". I drew 2 overlapping rectangles. I trim them and now have two objects where the sides meet. I select them both and choose join. Nothing happens and Still have 2 objects. In AC this would give me a closed object. Is there a way to join objects like this. the X key ends a tool selection, where in VW can I assign keys. All my other programs use the esc key to end a selection.
  4. I'm working with both AC2010 an VW2010. When I export VW files to dwg and import to AC everything looks fine on screen. However, when I print, the blocks/symbols print black. Only if I explode them will they print properly. Any suggestions on how to address this?
  5. I watched this clip. But I'm not sure, is there a way to assign automatic updates to field/records. I currently use AutoCad and have fields in my title block that update automatically. For example drawing date, revision date, etc.
  6. I am under pressure to switch from AutoCAD to VectorWorks. I downloaded the trial version yesterday to see how it compared. With a 3 day weekend, I figured I could spend a little time learning the program. However, when I fired it up today I get an error asking me to activate. (which I did yesterday) When I tell it to go ahead and activate I get the response: "Vectorworks cannot be activated because this license has been activated on the maximum number of machines allowed". What's up? Could this have anything to do with networks? when I activated I was on the office network, now I'm at home.
  7. Thanks for the input. Well explained Pat. Is there any link or tutorial that might have lists of tools and/or command comparisons between AC and VW that you can point me to?
  8. Arrg! I've come here hoping to get some info on VW. In my current job there is pressure to move from my i7 Win 7 machine with AutoCAd, to a Mac and VW. Then I find this thread. So of course I have to chime in. I have had windows machines with all the most hated OSs--and never had a problem. I had a laptop with win ME--yes, you heard me, ME. I ran AC 2000 on it (which was not supposed to run on it) and used it for 2 years without AC crashes until I upgraded to XP. My next machine was a Gateway laptop running Vista--yes, that's right Vista. It ran fine, except it definitely was a hog on resources. The machine was slower than it should have been with the config that it was. I ran AC2008 with out problems, other than the occasional video driver restart. (a common problem with that nVidia video chip. Poor driver) Now in my last two jobs I was the only person in the office on a PC. As usual I was the butt of all the joke--even when my machine never crashed, and the Graphics staff Apples did.(dead logic board, dead hard drives, program lockups, all the common problems) At the end of the project, they still went out and bought me am ipod shuffle "to entice me from the 'dark' side." So, as some one said above ALL computers crash. Now, can anyone point me to a good discussion on the practical differences between AC2010 and VW2010. From what I've read, VW does not draw in full scale like AC. But there is a 3d modeling version of VW. This has to be full scale? Right? How do you export to CNC machines if the drawing is in scale? Pardon my ignorance. I'm just trying to research the difference in approach between the programs. I am not asking for a "which is better" discussion. thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm here hoping I can get some info on a good procedure for importing VW files into AutoCad. I am an AutoCAD 2010 user and I'm currently working on a job where several previous people have created work in VW. I imported a test VW .dwg export, and it came in the wrong size. (Well actually it imported into model space in 1/4" scale.) I have been reading, and if I understand correctly, VW does not draw in full scale like in Autocad. In AC we draw in full scale and print to paper scale--1/4" etc--in our viewports/layouts. It seems that VW draws to a set plot scale on different pages. An import to AC from VW must then be re-sized for 1:1 to be used in AC. In addition, the VW drawings were done all with black & white and line weights. The export/import into AC turned the layers into colors and all line weights were reset to default. Are there any settings in VW export that I should know that would make the export/import go more smoothly? A VW friend/user mentioned "all layer to same scale"? Thanks


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