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  1. Oh... I didn't think of that one. So it's actually my fault. Almost everyone in the industry maintains a minimal amount of support for a reasonable period of time for their software even through OS upgrades but not Vectorworks. But it's my fault if I want to keep up with the latest technology (except for a 1000$+ update) that my initial investment is basically worthless. Even Autodesk made a patch to have Autocad 2007 run on Windows 7... (I have colleagues here who still run it) Well I guess they made the right investment. Way to go to keep customers coming back...
  2. Installing Vectorworks 2014 viewer allows me to open my VW2010 files... So I can at least print them or make a PDF out of them. However having paid around what 1500$ ? for a software that doesn't run after 3 years is insulting, to say the least. Whoever's fault it is. Archicad14 (released 2010) runs on Mavericks... Even other smaller companies have released or are planning to release compatible versions of their software. For my part I have moved on to Autocad for Mac. But I have still paid good money for VW and can't even use it as is to edit my 2 year old drawings. It's a shame and (although I think it's usability is superior to that of Autocad) I will not recommend the use of Vectorworks to anyone in my field of work.
  3. I am making a 2D basic floor layout with numbered equipment racks. I have created a symbol with an attached record to number the racks. Everything looks great in VWX and in PDF. But when I try to export to DWG the symbol appears fine but the record that is attached to it is set at its default value. I have checked this with AC2007 even if the data is correct (the correct number appears in the data field) the displayed number is wrong. The SolidWorks eDrawings viewer displays the same issue. I have removed any special characters and spaces from all names and fields of the record/symbol resources. But it still doesn't work. Any clues ?


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