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  1. Hello Katie, Thank you very much for your advice. I really appreciate it. We imported the autocad file as 2D only. Regretfully we do not know the version of AutoCad. I will try to find out. When I find out the version of AutoCad, I will reply again to this post. I wish you a very nice day. Friendly greetings, Chrissy Dessel Belgium Europe email : stargate@meetromania.info
  2. Hello everyone, Can you help us with the following problem. We have an DWG file created in Autocad (version unknown). The DWG file contains a floorplan of the first level of a hospital, which is build up by walls, windows and doors. We use VectorWorks 9.5.1 professional edition for Macintosh. The problem is that the complete drawing consist of lines. Therefore they loose their fill. But what is worse, we have to fill the walls, windows and doors again with colors. It is a hugh time consuming operation. So here are our questions which we cannot solve on this moment. 1. How can we quickly fill those walls, windows and doors with their specified colors? 2. Is there a fast method of making again closed objects from all those lines so we can add a fill to it? 3. What is the reason why those objects are build up by lines (not connected) after the DWG import? We succeeded to move the walls, windows and doors to a separate layer by choosing "Custom selection", nevertheless we do not succeed in finding an easy way to connect all the lines belonging to a particular wall and create a closed object which can be filled. I will appreciate it very much if you can help us with this problem. In the meantime I thank you in advance for the time spend on our problem and I wish you a very nice day. Friendly greetings, Chrissy Dessel Belgium Europe email : stargate@meetromania.info [ 05-10-2003, 05:24 PM: Message edited by: StarGate ]
  3. Hi, I read your message according handles to previous selected (gripped) objects. Use PrevSObj(hndObject); which gives you the previous object in the list. hndObject is a handle to an object. You can also store your handle to previous selected objects into an array. I hope you find this information usefull. I wish you a nice day. Friendly greetings, StarGateDesselBelgiumeurope
  4. Hello Franscesco, I read your message and I can help you. ResEdit is a separate program from Apple which is not included in the operating system. However I can help you. Send me your email address directly to the following email : kristiaan.verberne@skynet.be I will send you ResEdit and the documentation to the email address you specified. I have to warn you for one important thing : NEVER EDIT ACTIVE RESOURCE FILES ESPECIALLY SYSTEM FILES. You have to make sure that the resource files you edit are not used at that time. And make sure you know what you are editing! I wish you a very nice day. Friendly greetings, StarGateDesselBelgiumEuropeemail : kristiaan.verberne@skynet.be
  5. Hello, I read your message about changing the script code of protected scripts. As far as I know there is no way of changing that scriptcode. You can try open a protected PIO in a wordprocessor or other program but the only thing you get is an unreadable mess of characters. I tried a lot of possibilities, however nothing worked. Many people like to make corrections on those standard PIO's which is very understandable. I also asked that question directly to Nemetschek. They told me that without that protection, they cannot give technical support any longer for those PIO's for the simple reason that they cannot track the adjustements made by the user. I know that in AutoCad you can make those alterations. However I see a lot of AutoCad people struggle with it. But if you want to change all your rects to poly in your drawing that can be done by writing your own PIO. You can check for a rect with the following instruction : intType := GetType(hndObject); When the value of intType is equal to 3 then your object is a rectangle. Get the coordinates of your rectangle by : GetBBox(hndObject,rlX1,rlY1,rlX2,rlY2); hndObject is a handle variable pointing to the selected object. rlX1 and rlY1 defines the upper left corner of the object, rlX2 and rlY2 defines the bottom right corner of the object. The only thing you have to do is to delete the selected object from your drawing : DelObject(hndObject); and draw the new rectangle with the Poly instruction : Poly(rlX1,rlY1,rlX2,rlY1,rlX2,rlY2,rlX1,rlY2,rlX1,rlY1); Now your rectangular object should be transformed into a Poly. You can do that with all rectangle objects in your document. Select all layers in your document. Establish a handle to the first selected layer and than browse through all your objects. Check each object when it is a rectangle. I hope I answered your question. If you really want to edit or alter the result objects from those standard PIO's, this is the way you have to do. The decision to protect those standard PIO's is not my responsibility. Finding workarounds is what programming is all about. I hope wish you a very nice day and a lot of fun with VectorScript programming. Friendly greetings, StarGateDesselBelgiumEurope
  6. Hello, I read your original message. For the corrections you like to make on those standard PIO's I think you do not need to have access to the PIO's itself. By the way, those standard PIO's are all protected and I think with good reason (I do not like to offend someone here). Inside your Plug In folder you will find the maps named : DataIncludes When you open those maps you will find preference files for all your standard PIO's. You can open those files with a simple wordprocessor like SimpleText on the Mac or Wordpad on the PC. When you open those files, you will find a lot of parameters you can alter. But make sure what you are doing and that you edit the correct data file. I hope you can solve your PIO problem this way. I think it is the easiest way to correct. In the meantime I wish you a very nice day and very much fun programming VectorScript. Friendly greetings, StarGateDesselBelgiumEurope
  7. Hello, I tried a couple of months ago to export a VectorWorks drawing in jepg format. If you do nothing and draw everything on the same layer, everything will be exported. I did not try it yet, but put the objects you like to export on a separate layer. Make only that layer visitble and active. Now choose export and format jepg. Does that work? On this moment I do not have VectorWorks. I will try it this evening and give you a message. With friendly greetings, StarGateemail : kristiaan.verberne@skynet.be
  8. Hello everyone, Maybe this is not the place but still I like to put this message on the message board. I like to thank all those people who kindly supported me. I want to thank esspecially following people : Matthew Giampapa - Nemetschek Technical Support for his kind support Richard - for his brilliant idea and his nice words Luc Janssen - Design Express Belgium for his nice email. I definatelly will continue helping people on this message board and also will try to explore new horizonts in VectorWorks. Compared with other CAD programs, in many ereas VectorWorks is shining bright and mostly your own creativity determine the limits. So take my advice and be creative! I wish you all a very nice day and wish you very much programming pleasure in Vectorworks. Friendly greetings, StarGateDesselBelgiumEurope P.S. : To the moderator of this board : Please leave this message a few days on this board. Thereafter feel free to remove it. Thank you!
  9. Hello, Maybe I can help you with the error on line 27. From VectorWorks 9.5.1 the word "type" is a reserved keyword. You can easily fix that problem by putting int before type on every occasion. So change the word "Type" into intType and I think your problem will be solved. About line 28, I think the problem is a result of line 27. I think when you changed all Type variable occurances, that error will also disappear. If not, also place hnd (of handle before the variable. In case my solution does not work, you can always send me your code (if you want to) and I will take a look at it. You can contact me here or on my email address mentioned below. I have to go now. I wish you a very nice day and very much VectorScript pleasure. Friendly greetings, StarGateemail : kristiaan.verberne@skynet.be
  10. Hello Richard, Thank you very much for your message. I appreciate that support and help very much. Indeed I have plans for extending my VectorWorks programming horizon. I first used MiniPascal in version 4.0 of Minicad. During the years I gained a lot of VectorScript experience. My last project was to calculate the price of massive wooden houses based on the preluminary designs. Such projects are very interesting because there is a lot of creativity needed. Despite the fact that there are a lot of programs on the market which make price calculations, I think there is a need for exclusive programs designed to the customer specific needs. In my last project, the designers drawed their designs and while they where drawing the price calculation already started. In the end they have to choose "Transport" and all object dimensions together with their classes and records are exported outside VectorWorks to be processed by the price calculation program. Many people still work by measuring manually the rooms and other objects and input that information in a spreadsheet like Excel. I believe that a designer or an architect can make better use of her/his time. Therefore I am still constantly search how to improve my own solution without spending a hugh amount of money on third party solutions. And indeed VectorWorks is on this point much better than AutoCad or others. I am sure that some people will disagree with me, but I saw experienced AutoCad users struggle and wondering why on Earth their application was not working. And programming is not that much difficult that it is important. And believe me, helping people is my nature. It is nice when you are desperate searching for a solution you do not find, that someone helps you out. And do not worry I will continue to help people. And indeed when I can do custom programming, I will be surely interested. I like to buy VectorWorks myself so I can work here at my home. The internet is indeed a very interesting place to do such tasks. So as you said, we will see what the future will brings us. Richard, I have to go now. I thank you very much for your interesting message. I wish you a very nice day and many VectorWorks pleasure. And you know, when you need help you know where to find me. With friendly greetings, StarGateDesselBelgiumEurope
  11. Hello Matthew, Thank you very much for your message. On 15 april 2002 I lost my job at the company I worked for as a system-administrator / programmer (for economic reasons). Up until then I was allowed to use VectorWorks in my free time to write scripts. But now I do no longer work there, I cannot use their licence any longer (which is normal). Because I still have a lot of work, I like to buy a VectorWorks licence myself. But I like to wait until VW X comes out because it will make use of the second dual processor. Therefore I will wait until VW 10 will comes out. I think it shouldn't be long now. In the meantime I thank you very much for your message and I wish you a very nice day. Friendly greetings, StarGate
  12. Hello everyone, Do you know when VectorWorks X will comes out and also what new commands and options will be available in VectorScript. I thank you very much for your help and I wish you a very nice day. Friendly greetings, StarGate
  13. Hello Katie, Thank you again for your help. Indeed I will try to allocate more memory to Translator and VW 7. I have 384 MB on my computer so I will use 60000 MB for VW 7 and 40000 for translator. I think the more documents you try to translate simulatiously, the more RAM memory will be needed. I will let you know the result. In the meantime I wish you a very nice day and I appreciate your help very much. Friendly greetings, Chrissy P.S. : Sir Dan Fortesque and StarGate are the same. On my work I am logged in as Sir Dan Fortesque, at home as StarGate. Sir Dan Fortesque is the hero of MediEvil 1 and 2 on the Playstation (my favourite game), StarGate is the movie I most like.
  14. Hi Dave, Thank you again for your help. I said it in one of my former message; what should I do without all your help. I will try it out and I will give you a message. Have a very nice day and happy programming. Friendly greetings, StarGate(chrissy)
  15. Hello Ray, Thank you very much, indeed I like your solution very much. It is just what I was looking for. I will try it out first thing in the morning and I send you a message. Have a nice day and very much VectorScript programming. What should I do without you all!!! Friendly greetings, StarGate(Chrissy)
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