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  1. Yes it's still there, you'll find it in the AEC Tools folder using workspace editor.
  2. This is interesting, I must have skipped over this subtle change in the liscensing agreement. (See below) If I'm not mistaken the agreement for MiniCad7 was the same for VW8, and I was of the understanding that I could operate my licensed copy on one machine at a time... at work or at home.As I don't use VW for any commercial work and the upgrades come out of my pocket, to have two (2) licenses is prohibitive.... So this is progress? VW8.5.2 The Buyer May:Operate the software on one computer at a time. Make one back-up copy of the software, which is automatically subject to this agreement. VW9.5.2 The Buyer May:Install and operate this software on one computer at a time. Make one back-up copy of the software, which is automatically subject to this agreement.Modify unprotected VectorScript routines provided with this software.
  3. I set the font size etc and saved it on my default template. It's there for me when I open up.Is this what you mean?HTH
  4. I am unfamiliar with the windowshading feature for the Mac, what would be the windows equivalent? Is it anything like the "auto hide" feature that can be used for the task bar in Windows?That would be a handy feature if selected palettes would automatically hide and then reappear when the cursor is positioned over the hot spot.I'm thinking mainly for the Object Info Palette, it may be problematic for working with many palettes. Andrew Bell.Thanks for the Plug In posted at Vector Depot.It works great for selecting all palettes or, toggling between selected pallettes.Is there any chance that the PIO can be such that selected palettes can be toggled on / off?
  5. I would like to be able to draw in an isometric view.1. Lines having true lengths and change appropriately with view changes.2. Dimension in an isometric view.3. Fillet intersecting lines with radius correctly represented.4. Extrude profile along path in isometric view, without having to group selection of lines etc representing path, just having them selected. I would like to draw 3d piping / tubing runs. In Ashlar Vellum Solids one could draw a centre line path in isometric with scaled and correct dimensions, select the desired lines etc, "sweep profile along path" (diameter and wall thickness being entered in a popup menu) and the 3d run would then be generated, each individual part of the path able to be edited at will. This was really simple and easy... can VW (or even Mechanical) achieve this. Or does a complex VectorScript need to be written? TIA
  6. You can add it to your workspace with the workspace editor. File > Workspace editor > Tools > Dimensioning. HTH
  7. This has been discussed on the users forum, check out the following; http://peach.ease.lsoft.com/scripts/wa.exe?A1=ind0111a&L=vectorworks-l#8 http://peach.ease.lsoft.com/scripts/wa.exe?A1=ind0111b&L=vectorworks-l#9 HTH
  8. Yes the download did take hours... six, but I am more than happy with the end result. No problems with installation. Good work PS.. Looking forward to Mechanical
  9. Could this be "Floating Datum" you are referring to. If so you will find it in the VectorWorks Preferences. File>Preferences>VectorWorks Preferences>Edit "Use Floating Datum". HTH
  10. quote: Does anyone have something good to say about the new version. I started with Claris Cad, then to Blueprint, MC7, VW8 and now VW9 and when I look back I can see a vast improvement on the CAD development. While there have been, and still are, a few issues to work out with this release, I am confident of NNA's committment to deliver a quality product with improvements... they have in the past. While not all of the advances and refinements have been embraced by all, I'm sure this will in no way be the "Edsell" (abysmal Ford failure)release. As Brian O said in response to your earlier posting http://www.nemetschek.net/cgi/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=12&t=001197 buy it, try it and decide for yourself. You'll have 90 days, and if you don't like it... return it.
  11. I had this same dilemma. I found that by trying different insertion points I was able to get them to stack vertically, in a single row. Don't know what the key is, all other sides behave predictably. Good luck.
  12. Check out http://www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/vsdex.html Hope this is what you were after.
  13. Yes, check out http://www.vectordepot.com/
  14. I seem to be having a few difficulties with printing, or more specifically matching print area to page. 1. If A4 selected as Print Area, this will print as 4 pages, using printer set up for A4. Selecting One Page as print area is smaller than the required A4. 2. When A2 drawing was scaled, using VW printing scaler (48%), the printed drawing was considerably smaller than the screen displayed (relative to page border on screen). Rescaling layers and printing at 100% scale was more consistent. 3. Selection of specific area of drawing for printing seems to be a bit.... cumbersome. 4. Print Preview? While I detest ACAD, I do find the printing setup and selections to be more precise and predictable (only thing in ACAD that is) and would like someone to assist, or indicate that I'm not alone here and that these issues are on the wish list. VW9.0.1 Win98SE 296M
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