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  1. Thanks. That was working well for me in plan view. Still a bit stuck (but not quite as stuck as earlier). Here's a different view on what I'm trying to do: Three layers. Lights, truss, and venue. Everything was drawn with a z coord. of 0. I want to move the lights and truss to a trim (z coord) of 30'. Using plan view, i select specific lights, and the truss they are hanging on. How do I then specify the trim and have them move there together? Once they are at trim, how do i use isometric views to check on their placement. It seems like i have to have one design layer selected, rotate the view, and then use "align layer views". Is there a way to spin around the rig with all layers moving in tandem? I've found that this can be done in a viewport, but then i can't directly edit without going back to plan view. Can i have a second viewport window open on a different monitor while working with the plan view in another window? I really appreciate any help. I feel like i'm pretty savvy with this kind of stuff, and i'm feeling bewildered by the power (and difficulty) of VW. Thanks!
  2. Forgive my newness. Having to un-learn 10 years of WYSIWYG thinking. VW2009- I've got all of my truss on a "truss" layer, and all of my fixtures on a "lights" layer. My 2D plot is looking fine. I'm needing to reposition things that went in with improper X coordinates for a 3D rendering. I want to select truss and lights together and move them to proper trim heights. I don't want to see all of my 2D layers (venue, rigging, etc.) while doing this. I can't seem to figure that out. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Cheers.
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