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  1. Once again, thank you very much, it works perfectly and simply, but I couldn't figure it out by my self. I rely appreciate your assistance.
  2. Hi, I need an urgent help here, I have a DTM with over 4,000 stakes that I need to export to a CSV file for the surveyor. I'm not an expert on Script and I really need to do it in a very short term, and if I do it one by one it will take me forever. anyone that can help me with this I will really appreciate. I already read about older topics about it but didn't help casuse Im using the 2015 and I try lot of things but no results. PLEASE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME!!
  3. Thanks, this hapen with the most minimum movement of the scroll, no matter if is high or low. what happen is that in the screen when I zoom in or out, part of the drawing just vanishing and there are some parts that remains, and I can get them back just by click the pan tool and clicking again on the screen. In my version 2008 I dont have this problem. thanks again.
  4. any one please, I have vw2009, but every time I zoom in, the image get lost, and I have to switch to pan to recover it (using mouse scrooll wheel) but this is to much waist of time. can any one help me if is something about configuration, becuase I try to configurate in different ways the mouse and the zoom but still the same. on the other hand, with vw2008 have no problem at all. thanks. macBook pro 2.53, 4 mb ram Snow leopard
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