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  1. Thank You to everyone who responded! I'm going to look into all these options.
  2. My company produces events in hotel ballrooms & convention centers, many of which don't have CAD drawings or even floorplans. I have been loosely following 3D scanning technology the past few years and am interested in purchasing a 3D scanner that I will then be able to import into VW to create accurate diagrams & floorplans (to avoid things like chandeliers, doorways, etc when designing stages). My major concern is most of the ones I have seen (Matterport, Metareal, etc) are aimed towards residential real estate...I am more concerned with accurate measurements and dimensions. Some of these ballrooms & convention halls are massive, with 30+ foot high ceilings, so I need something with a decent range that is accurate. I have come across an iPhone app called "Magicplan" that actually looks pretty promising, but is geared more to the home construction and remodel industry. I am going to download the app and see if it will work for my needs, but I'm nervous things like chandeliers and recessed ceilings will be difficult to account for. I think I may need something a little more higher-end. Does anyone have any recommendations on products and/or workflow? Thanks in advance!
  3. Awesome, this is exactly what I needed. Thank You!
  4. I installed VW2020, and it asked me to choose whether I wanted to Paste In Place in the active or another plane, and I accidentally chose the other plane, when I really want to paste exactly in place. Is there a way to reverse this? Thanks!
  5. It is insane, I still cannot get it to work for me.
  6. Was this ever implemented? Would be super helpful to me!
  7. Got it working on one of my computers the other day, just randomly ran it and after weeks of trying it just worked. My other computer still not working. I have tried everything. Crazy!
  8. I tried @uglycat's suggestion but no luck for me!
  9. Same as uglycat, it did not work for me! Disable both Antivirus & Firewall.
  10. I get: Then click Update & get: Windows 10 Pro!
  11. Thank You Jim, this worked for me! Crazy I was using the built-in video card the past 3 years 😂😂😂
  12. I upgraded to VW2019 from VW2018 and am having an awful issue...my projects open fine in Wireview, however when I choose a different renderer (I use Open GL) it immediately shows blinking blocks around the entire workspace area, see images below. These blocks change patterns constantly regardless of whether I move through the workspace with the orbit tool. I also included the image of when I first open the project and as you can see it looks fine. This happens with all of my projects and does not happen in 2018 with projects I have not yet migrated to VW2019. Any ideas what could be causing this and how to fix? Thanks.
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