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  1. mikie, If you render this model (OpenGL is fastest) the foreground objects should appear in the foreground. If not, then your objects are actually not located correctly. In wireframe view, you can use "Send to front" to bring foreground objects' lines to the front. Wireframe, however, is not a particularly useful view mode for presentation.
  2. Tried this with my setup, and did not experience a crash. I created three rectangles, four lines, selected them all and changed the fill and line colors without crashing. Is this the kind of operation that is causing you problems? VW 10.0.1 WinXP P4 2.2 Gh 768 MB RAM geforce4 ti
  3. Charles, Since the problem is intermittent (occurs more often than not, but not always), I can't be sure - but with "on schedule" unchecked, I have been unable to reproduce the problem at this point.
  4. I think Win2000 can be removed as a suspected cause of this problem. I tried installing my copy of VW 10.0.1 on a machine with WinXP, and the same problem of disappearing windows/doors occurs.
  5. Robert, I sent a file to you containing a wall which once had a window in it, now disappeared. I've also sent it to KID at NNA, who had contacted me asking for a sample file regarding this problem, and to whom I have sent a few emails previously. Thanks for your efforts!
  6. Katie and Robert, Thanks for the responses. Katie: I don't use templates. Just opened a new document using ctrl+N. I would not be surprised if you find it difficult to reproduce the problem, since no one else has reported the difficulty so far (to my knowledge), therefore it seems likely that there is something about my system that is causing the problem. Could it be a conflict with my still-installed versions 8.5.2 or 9.5.2? Could it be a defective copy of 10.0?
  7. I loaded all the DTM commands into my custom workspace - an alternative to changing workspaces. My 8.5 manual had the correct instructions for use of DTM, maybe defjef's is defective. Is the manual available online? BTW, I am one of those who, despite being appreciative of the new features in versions 9 and 10, think that 8.5.2 was the most stable and trouble-free version ever issued. On balance, at the moment, despite paying for upgrades, I still use version 8 because I can get work done. So kudos for maintaining some support for version 8, it's my only consolation for having spent the money on upgrades I can't use reliably.
  8. Mike, I posted notice of a problem with the 1220c and VW 9 some time ago. I can give you some further info: on my computer at home (Win2000), my 1220c (great printer!) is connected via a serial port. It works with VW 8.5, VW 9.5, and VW 10.0. The same printer in our office (Win XP there) is connected via JetDirect (ethernet). It works only with VW 8.5, and attempting to print to it from VW 9.5 or VW 10.0 crashes the program. All versions of VW plot to our HP650 and an HP 4V, also connected through ethernet. Any help from NNA as to how to go about correcting this problem would be greatly appreciated. In both cases, I am using drivers supplied with the Windows OS. On the Win2000 system, page test reports my driver version is 64.08 (HPW8KMD.DLL) [ 01-06-2003, 01:14 AM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]
  9. Robert, Thanks for the reply, but this is not the case. I'm talking about a really basic problem. Create a new document, create a single wall, place a single window or door in the wall using any PIO tool, edit that object twice -> it disappears and all the window and door insertion tools are disabled until the program is restarted.
  10. Robert, Thanks - I don't remember seeing this in the "new features" part of the manual? Oops, there it is in the Architect manual.
  11. I'm working on a document converted to VW 10.0.1 from VW 9.5.2. I am now unable to drag my walls longitudinally. Further, although I have not checked auto join in VW preferences, when I drag them laterally they remain joined at the corners (i.e., the wall to which they are joined is shortened or lengthened). I have not noticed this problem until several hours into working on this file, and I suspect it has just cropped up since I've been dragging walls in the normal way up to this point without noticing any odd behavior. Win2000 P4 2G, 768 MB RAM [ 01-05-2003, 01:27 AM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]
  12. It gets worse. Now my wall, which had received the disappearing door, will not accept a new door in the same location. It keeps popping out every time I attempt to move it to the correct location. It's as though the invisible entity still exists inside the wall. So I have to delete the wall entirely to get things to work. I've posted on this issue more than three weeks ago, with no response from technical support. I recently got email from a software engineer asking for a file displaying the problem, but since all files new and old display the problem, I just had to pass on the above info. Either I have a bad copy of VW 10, or something strange is going on, or I'm the only person who has upgraded to 10 that uses window and door PIO's (just kidding on the last one, I hope) because no one could work for more than a day or two under these conditions. This is the second upgrade with VW I have been unable to use because of program problems (9.5 had broken walkthrough tool). Hate to say it, but after using MiniCAD/VectorWorks for almost ten years, I can see light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like a competitor's software.
  13. I'm experiencing the following: -Insert a new window or door -Edit in the PIO info palette -Edit a second time, and the window disappears. The information for the object still remains in the info palette. The window and door tools no longer function at all. This behavior is not consistent. I can always quit the program and open it, which gets me at least one successful window install and edit. Sometimes I can go on for a while entering and editing windows and doors, but eventually the problem recurs. More often than not, it happens upon the second edit of a PIO door or window. Am I the only person who has experienced this problem? This is not a class visibility problem! After reinstalling my 10.0.0 upgrade, and a fresh 10.0.1 update, the problem persists at every stage of installation. VW 10.0.1 Win 2K P4 2GH, 768 MB RAM geforce 3 ti [ 01-04-2003, 11:51 PM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]
  14. DTM has worked for me on numerous occasions. I've never run across the "sitework" command. I always start with a set of polylines (topo lines), and use the "New DTM" command. If you follow all of the manual's instructions carefully, it does work. 2d polylines are converted to 3d polylines, then a 3d mesh object is created. New layers are automatically generated in the process to contain both 3D and 2D versions of the terrain, and there are a few arcane procedures to follow along the way (such as checking to ensure that topo lines don't cross). I recommend starting with a simple test model so that you can follow how the procedure works. If you can't find any of the DTM tools, check your workspace editor to see if they exist in your version of the program. I'm not sure, but I think that plain VectorWorks does not include the tools. [ 01-05-2003, 12:20 AM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]
  15. VW 9.5.2 has a bug that was never corrected which causes problems with OpenGL and the walkthrough tool (begins to display the kinds of artificats you describe, then crashes afer a minute or two of use). This problem was fixed in version 10.0. I would suspect that the pan tool is another victim of this bug.
  16. I've experienced a similar problem. Oddly, after docking and re-docking, using different orders of insertion, I was once able to get all of my toolbars into two columns on the left. Don't know what magic made that happen. You can minimize the problem by making your 2-column tool palettes into a single-column by using the mouse/resize cursor. Then, when side-by-side, they will occupy some of that unused space below. NNA: this appears to be a bug of some kind. WinXP VW 10.0.1 P4 2.2G, 768MB RAM [ 12-27-2002, 04:20 PM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]
  17. Robert, Thanks, that is helpful. I think the job isn't completely done - e.g., with the Door tool you can't have a 3 or 4 panel sliding glass door, which is available with the Sliding Glass Door 2 tool. Hopefully this interface will be simplified - perhaps in version 10.5.
  18. P Retondo


    This is all great advice. Could we also have the ability to use the "Align" tool with windows and doors in walls? That is often a faster and more efficient method.
  19. Is there a reason we now have so many window and door tools, with overlapping functions? I just upgraded from 9.5.2 to 10.0.1. I now have the following window tools: Simple Window 2, Complex Window, and Window. Window seems to be the same as Complex Window? I also have the following door tools: Simple Door 2, Door, Door and Sidelights, French Door 2, Sliding Glass Door 2, Overhead Door 2. What are all of these different options there for, and what does NNA recommend with regard to their use, particularly with regard to the use of Simple Window 2 vs. Complex Window 2 vs. Window, and Simple Door 2 vs. Door? It appears to me that these tools could be easily consolidated, and that the pull-down menu which allows you to choose between, say, "Swing Simple" and "Double Acting" could also allow you to choose "Overhead," for example. In other words, some of VW's famous simplification of the user interface would be in order! By the way,I brought my old workspace into the new version - went through everything, deleted crossed-out tools, added new tools, etc. This process seemed to work well. When I upgraded my 9.5.2 file to v2 objects, all of my windows and doors were changed to "new" PIO versions. Without doing the upgrade of objects, I was unable to edit them in the info window. However, unfortunately, things are not going smoothly at all - see my topic on window tool corruption on this board.
  20. Peter, Thanks for your reply! Hopefully tech support will weigh in here. I checked, no issue with classes. It seems like a bug to me. The manual tells me to update to v2 objects, and when I did that all of my windows and doors were changed to the new PIO's, or what I assume are the new PIO's, with the new "collapsable" interface. That interface is also buggy, in that it sometimes collapses and sometimes doesn't. VW9.5.2 -> 10.0.1 Win2000 P4 2.2G, 768K RAM
  21. I just installed v 10.0 and upgraded to 10.0.1. I converted a v9.5.2 project using the "Update to v2 objects" tool. First of all, some of my smaller windows came in at the wrong size (way big). Also, some of the shorter walls failed to join correctly. Most distressingly, the window creation tools fail to work. When I place a Simple Window 2 or a Window object, it may work the first or second time. But if I attempt to edit the window, suddenly it disappears. On subsequent attempts to place a window, the "ghost" image of the window does not come up, and after placing the window, nothing appears in the wall - but the info palette shows that a window is selected, and all the correct information appears! This behavior persists until I restart VW, then it goes through the same corruption all over again. This behavior occurred when I first installed 10.0, and continues after installing the 10.0.1 upgrade. I can't believe I'm the first person to experience this . . . maybe I'm doing something stupid or something strange is going on. This behavior seems inconsistent in its details; i.e., I can't pin down exactly what is causing this corruption. I even experienced window tool corruption in a virgin v 10.0 file.
  22. Robert, While you're here, it would be terrific if we could align a door or window with a locus, the way other objects align. Fussing with the "position" information box is difficult, since you have to get out your calculator to figure out what numbers to enter. Also, I find that you can't use "Duplicate Symbol in Wall" with objects created using a PIO. The tool returns a "No symbol selected" message, if I remember correctly. [ 12-13-2002, 08:45 PM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]
  23. Kristen is most likely right. The best way to control what you see in a perspective view is to start with the "Set 3D View" command (View->Set 3D View).
  24. Bruce, et al, You can manage class visibility for any set of objects, including layer links, by using "Save sheet" options. Is it your complaint that this utility doesn't work the way you want it to? I find that "viewport" cropping is the only ACAD capability lacking in VW. But I don't work with Workgroups, so no insight into that problem.
  25. Archken, Glad to see you are back! By the way, at least one of your suggestions has made its way into version 10 - the ability to elevate a curved surface without all the extraneous lines. At least, this is what is being advertised. Still using version 9.5.3 until next week or so. Automated/live generation of sections and elevations is the future of CAD. If VW can't lead the way, the program won't survive. How about one small step in that direction?


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