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  1. @BSeigel this is PERFECT! And thank you for the Video Tour! Did you create this "Source-4 w/SideArm" symbol? The actual SideArm is NOT an accessory, but will create a different count of fixtures? Those with C-Clamps and those with SideArms? Do you need one for each degree-type? The City Theatrical Side Arm is a different creature... but will count the same. (?) THX for the input!
  2. @TomWhiteLight THX for the reply... I have searched and searched thru the libraries; both Accessories and Rigging. ... but unable to locate one. I will try again! As an accessory >>> you would place the accessory and then associate it with the proper instrument. Thus all paperwork and information will associate the sidearm with the appropriate instrument. Also, there are several rental companies that install c-clamps as requested as the attachment point is not always the same. And in this case, the Sidearm. Inventory calculations change. Even prepping for the hang, knowing how the gear will hang is needed. I just looked up what a "de-rig" arm is. I've seen those also here in the US. And those would be considered "rigging". As you still utilize the supplied c-clamp on the instrument to attach to the de-rig arm. Whereas the antique-style Side Arm is actually more a part of the lighting fixture once it replaces the c-clamp. (Personally I would prefer the de-rig over a side arm! I wonder what the cost difference would be... ???) Looking forward to see how this workflow should work. Great news. THX~ P.
  3. @AWaters Is correct. As a US based designer, the Side Arm (with or without the "Safer Side Arm") is a common accessory. As it also is a replacement for the c-clamp mounting, it is vital to the shop order. The steel must be ordered/pulled/replaced, etc. So in my workflow, it is always a "missing" element that I must manually enter and calculate into all documents. (including Lightwright) In today's world, the visual representation is becoming more and more important -- and taken for granted many times. Rather than looking for a note or refence, the tech will just look at the drawing and hang the gear the way it "looks" >>> not the way it's noted on the side. Add the fact that VW is a fantastic visual tool ... and 3D representations ... the mounting details become more and more vital. If y'all can implement the addition of these accessories that would be fantastic!
  4. Well... now it's VW2020 … and it's STILL grayed out in 3D "working pane" view. AARRGGHHH
  5. @jblock This is fantastic to hear! I'm having the same issues. I can [Save] just after each "add" before VW2020 crashes. But it will crash. Since I can create/move (1) layer at a time... and then [Save] fast... when I reopen VW the new Layer/Order will be as updated. Just frustrating! THX--Preston Win10 Home x64 v1903 Build 18362.295 Intel i7-7500U @ 2.70/2.90GHZ 250GB-SSD + 1T-SSD
  6. @Alan Woodwell thank you for posting this vid... it answered ALL of my questions! Very helpful!
  7. I can't seem to find any information on how to enable GESTURES in VW2016. There is an old thread back to VW2011; but now gestures are more a part of most machines. Also--I have a TOUCHSCREEN and gestures would really help there as well! Ideas? Or do I have to move this to the WishList thread...???
  8. I've found no answer to this issue. Once I start a render--I'm down for the count--on either of my machines. I've found the Win10 goes into "Not Responding" and times-out into a stalled VW16. A force-quit is the only recovery. From my personal experience...
  9. YES! You are correct. Firstly--the necessity of using the *new* drop-down menu is really more important that is understood. As this is a new thing--and we've been using the RB for so many years, changing the way it works just takes knowing and understanding the whys and wheres. My problem has stemmed from the USITT Library. After a phone conversation with VW, the tech was able to replicate my issue. The library has NOT been given its information in the Light Info Record at all. Therefore, defaulting to a "light" without allowance for proper data for Lightwright Exchange. This has been reported to Engineering. What I discovered to correct data that I need for proper LW-Exchange: In the RB:  >Right click on the symbol  >>Edit 2D Component  >>>Mouse-click anywhere in an open area to de-select any items  >>>>In the OIP select the DATA tab  >>>>>Highlight the Record Format  >>>>>>Highlight the Record Field Default  >>>>>>>Edit information in the lower Record Info box Done! One thing that was not notice--nor brought to my attention is that with VW2016 you: 1) Select the Insert Accessory tool first (like you did way back in like v12) 2) Use the *new* Drop-Down Menu 3) It will populate as to all items that are insertable as an accessory (Accessory and/or Static-Accessory) 4) where the old VW2015 it was a file folder--it's now under the sub-heading of Default Accessories. not as easily accessible from the Resource Browser as in the past versions. Sorry for rambling... but this is finally understood and a Closed Case!
  10. I have heard this from others as well... we'll give Mr. Jones a try... It's infuriating... and it's a holiday weekend... and NO support from VW at all!! aarrgghhh!!! Thanx y'all! Preston
  11. I'm still having random issues with instrument placement and the new dropdown menu. Sometimes the new RB selection takes effect--sometimes I still have to change via the new dropdown. Don't get me started on Accessories!!!!! AARGGHHH...
  12. Since upgrading to VW2016 I've not had any luck with the Insert Accessory tool... or any accessory-type insertion. It seems that most of all of the City Theatrical and Altman top-hats/snoots & barndoors have disappeared from the libraries. So all we have now is the 2D USITT accessories. And those seem to only want to be Lighting Devices--not "Accessories". When I select an accessory, it defaults as a Lighting Instrument. I must go into the Spotlight Tool Set and select insert as accessory. This seems to only work about 70% of the time. (I'm sure that it's operator error and my impatience there!) After the insertion and selection of which instrument it's attached to--then I have to go to the OIP and tell it that it's a "Static Accessory". In previous releases it was known as to be an Accessory and what type of accessory. And whether or not to attach the active Label Legend. Is this a known bug? Is this a supposed improvement? Or totally operator error and I'm not doing it correctly!?!??! Thanx! Preston
  13. I have had this problem since VW2014... I just assumed it was me doing something wrong!
  14. I thought I might revive this thread... I, too, want to work with the auto-created label. 1. able to ROTATE the label 2. align to the Left or Right based on SR/SL of the pipe 3. create a "default" within Spotlight (I know, radical!) It is very awkward and extremely time consuming to move and align each and every label. Especially in a house with a rep-hang and each show we have to add/subtract pipes, etc. Then you have to re-align each label again... one... at... a... time... ... ! It's a great tool; but reading thru the Forums, most turn it off as with @Benjamin_Weill. That's a shame! Anybody have any ideas? THX! Preston
  15. I hope I'm asking this question properly... I'm attempting to focus lights onto a vertical surface. I was hoping that I could attach it to the 3D surface so that each of the wall-mounted elements would have their own focus points. I placed standard Hybrid focus points in the 2D Top/Plan view with appropriate heights... but it visually doesn't work very well in Open GL when in 3D views. Example: On the upstage walls, we have 9 individual framed pictures... I need a special on each one... I would like to see that when in the 3D. Possible? Thanks!
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