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  1. Hello, I've been a long time WinDoor user. Now using VW2015 and looking for anyone who can help with a question about showing Awning window swings in 2D. I have all my Casement windows showing up in plan view with the correct swings, referencing the correct swing line type by class. Any idea how to show the outswing of an Awning window? I've adjusted Open Angle under Visualization in the OIP, but no success. This was easy to do in WinDoor. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I've been working around this bug (is it?) for years, but I can't ignore it anymore. It's really screwing up my latest project. Does anyone know why a dimension's text flips when it's brought into a viewport? I've selected Flip Text in the OIP, but when viewed in the viewport, it reverts back to the default position...usually overlapping important information, resulting in confusion. Your help is appreciated. PS: I'm on a Mac, using VW Architect 2009. Thanks, Riall
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