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  1. I was really hoping VW2017 would have multi-view capabilities. Kind of an odd feature to lack in the year 2017 considering every other major 3D modeling app features this key workflow ability. In VW having to switch back and forth views, when we have multiple monitors to have separate view windows on, is really archaic. I use other apps that have this feature and its so important. Very cool other features in 2017 (and 2016 for that matter), but the lack of multi-view is sticking out like a sore thumb for VW.
  2. Id just add I know very well how to set views and saved view positions. I just can't seem to get multiple views going at once.
  3. I've used VW for years (mainly 2d) but actually started using Chief Architect for "BIM like" modeling for past 3 years. I'm now trying to come back and do the same things I was doing in Chief Architect in VW and one thing I can't understand is setting up different view windows. Can I be in Floor Plan view and have another window open showing say the combined 3D model or an elevation/section at the same time - and have the view updates be live? I hope I am missing something easy here. Thanks!
  4. Larry - check out some of the current industry leaders in this market (CAD) and I think you'll agree they've moved well beyond what Vectorworks was offering for that industry. I saw a video presentation the other day which shocked me how far they had come for BIM like design in this area. VW would have needed to really spend some serious dev $ to stay competitive in that industry - so I can't blame them for leaving. Check out the apps, you might be surprised.
  5. I started using VW when it was MiniCad and mostly worked in 3D. Then we didn't have "sheets" etc, so scale and paper size for the layers was important. Fast forward to today in V.2016 I am left wondering why we still have scales for the layers when we end up setting scales for the views we want on sheets. Shouldn't we be working in the main layers in 1:1 scale like so many BIM apps?
  6. Here is the file, but you have to zoom in and out a bit to get that effect. My pc: Intel i7-5820k Nvidia Titian 30" Dell monitor Win 10
  7. Yes, its a single extrude. Just a 3d poly drawn on top of the wall and extruded the same thickness of the wall. Here is a closer zoom.
  8. In fact, I am also getting some odd visual issues...
  9. I've tried every range I could and its still not acting like it was in 2015. I loved this feature, and now it appears gone.
  10. In VW 2015 line options for open GL had the abiliy for profile lines - which also had a nice feature where if you had 2 coplanar objects they wouldn't have a line between them. In fact, I created a video that shows what I am talking about when I was talking with some buddies who use Revit and Chief Architect - and was showing them how easy a parapet feature was to create in VW. Please notice the profile lines visually joining the walls and new poly object. This was great, and now in 2016 I can't seem to get those settings back. Thanks for any suggestions!
  11. Is there a way to manually edit data of a roof plane? In the program i've been using for my modeling, I had the option to manually set: 1. baseline height 2. ridge height 3. Pitch 4. Fascia With the ability to lock any of these options and change the others. I find this input ability very helpful, and I was wondering if VW has a similar way to specify this info. Thanks!
  12. There surely must be a good way to cut sink holes in counters....I just dont know what it is. I've searched on youtube for a tutorial, but couldn't find what I was looking for. How is everyone getting their sinks to cut the counter-tops? Thanks in advance.
  13. Yeah - I couldnt see a way to do that either in 1 stair object. I was able to create 2 stair objects and have them exist in the same space for a quick work-around, but it would be great if we could get added control here. Again, this is a fairly typical design type. Thanks!
  14. So I love VW's stair Dbx, but is their a way to mix "styles" somewhat? My issue is I have projects where I build a combination of "solid" and "stringer outside" types - which is actually fairly common. It would be all too cool if there was some way to get options for both, but is my only solution to either model the stringer or solid under the risers? I've attached the menu options highlighted, along with an example of the type of stair I am trying to model. Thanks!
  15. Yeah, here is it being used in Archicad - so odd we dont have this in VW. Its a fairly big deal to me.
  16. Kinda odd we dont have this feature in Vectorworks - as I can tell you from using it in other apps its very nice. If view-ports could on a design-layer and "active/live" that would be very helpful.
  17. I've used VW mostly for 2d, and other apps for 3d. Im now trying to see about just using VW for everything. Other apps have some way to enter wall elevation modes for editing. Is there any such mode inside VW to isolate this type of editing? I've tried viewports but I can't seem to edit this way - only view. Here is an example in Chief Architect of what I am looking for (skip to 6:42 to see what I mean): Thanks!
  18. Yes, its working now - I guess I answered this myself - sorry. It is confusing the images in "image fills" dont work as textures, but that obviously was it. Can an admin please delete this thread? - its not necessary.
  19. Just to follow-up, I just noticed that the resources are in "images"...but I found them in the "image fills" section of the VW library. They look just like a texture, so I guess that must be what I am doing wrong. I'll look for textures to see if that is my problem.
  20. I've used VW for a while now, but never really worked in 3D much. However, in a tutorial, I tried applying a texture to different shapes and objects with no luck. Here is what I've done (in both open GL and Renderworks views). 1. First, I tried selecting a 3D generic object, and then dragged/dropped the desired texture from my resource browser (a VW supplied texture). Nothing happens. 2. Second, I tried selecting the object, and then right-clicking on the texture and selecting "apply" - and still nothing. I've watched tutorials on this and I have no idea what I could be doing wrong, as this seems so basic. Thanks for help.
  21. Doing what you suggest leaves out Entertainment Designers which represent a large portion of Vw's user base. I dont know what % we're talking about, but I bet VW is still mainly used for architecture. There are so many mech eng tools in the app it makes little sense for them to have spent the time on that when their AEC tools need attention.
  22. I bet the Dev teams on each app are completely different, and Nemetschek wants healthy competition between the two - so it would surprise me if they were "holding" either back. VW needs to spend more time and effort into some of its architectural tools. I dont fully understand why VW has so many toolsets for nearly all sorts of industries, when other apps are dominating those fields. They could probably help themselves by focusing down to only civil and architectural/landscape/structural.
  23. I mention this since in Sketchup even there are modules that can be added that do a lot of automatic detailing for roofs etc. This is one such example. http://www.valiarchitects.com/sketchup_scripts/instant-roof
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