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  1. I do all my final construction plan dimensioning in VP annotation mode and this is tremendously time consuming dragging them back with offsets and then adjusting to fit with the notes and room names. It worked perfectly in 2008 but now dimensions attach to items that I don't want to move and then jump 56' to the side or -46'2.33" to the other side etc. etc. etc. VW, generally is the perfect CAD system for my business but this bug is costing lots of MONEY. I hope they have a SP fix and don't tell me I have to buy 2011 to make it work right.
  2. I had to uninstall Adobe Reader, install VW2010 and then reinstall Adobe. (Worked on Vista and XP machines so I am only presuming it is the same on 7) This took a little more time but I think my latest version of Adobe was blocking something from Adobe Air's install. It has worked fine ever since.
  3. I do not understand this sticky palette issue???? I am still working in Vista with no major problem. I have a 26 & 22" monitor with the OIP and Resource Palettes always open on the 22" and use the Working screen on my large monitor. All of my palettes are movable and I can place them where I want with absolutely no problem. I also have my older laptop (XP)with a 22" monitor that I have with the same configuration for client presentations and it works fine too. Did I miss something important in this conversation? Maybe ignorance is bliss. I just started on VW about 2 years ago after hand drafting for over 30 years and must say the ability to do revisions and make changes without redrawing an entire plan has made life so much easier.
  4. I have found being accurate with the heights is very imporant to the final construction drawings. If you are using standard stud walls in Canada they will equal 9'1 1/8" and then the floor slabs will be the total of the I-Joist and subfloor. Once you have set the entire 2 storey Model Set-up and Viewports it is easy to save this as a template and then it is all done for you the next time. As Don said, you let the top of the Main floor be 0 and all of the rest are based above or below that. Jon's Architect Manual expands on the basic drawing and is an excellent 2nd step to your learning curve.
  5. This looks like what I need. I will have to work on it and then I will probably have some questions but you never know, I somethimes surprise myself.
  6. Thanks Peter I am totally self taught (absolutely no CAD experience before VW12) and this wasn't something I picked up in the learning manuals. Being one of the hand drafting dinosaurs it has been a steep learning curve but the forum and Jon Pickup have been terrific resources. I do use 3D design presentations so this sounds really good. What would be the best search words for these posts?
  7. I am doing my elevations (Hidden Line) in Viewports and putting on a siding hatch. (Which I wish it did based on the wall having exterior siding, but that is another issue.) When I send the hatch to the back so it isn't covering up windows etc. it still shows through the railings. Do I have to individually outline all of the uprights and rails and then send them to the back as I do openings in order to have siding on my buildings? There has to be a better alternative because it is definitely faster to do this by hand. Should I be doing my elevations in something different than hidden line? Design presentations are so good but construction drawings seem to take forever!!!!
  8. I do not believe this is a font problem because I can batch export a couple sheets at a time (Mine is a true type font that came with an earlier VW install). Now that I think back, batch exports used to work in Sp2 but not in the last while and that would indicate SP3, which is also the main source of my dislike for dimension line placement in Viewports. Does anyone know if there is a problem with SP3 files being worked on in SP2? I would really like to go back to it.
  9. Currently, I am using "technical" font. It just seems strange to me that it will do individual sheets or a grouping of 2 or 3 but not the entire set (which is usually about 5 to 8 sheets). It is nice to be able to do a batch save to send in to the printers. Occasionally it has worked on a whole job and that is what makes it so puzzling.
  10. I am also having a problem with batch PDF exports. All of the text items disappear (including dimension text but the lines remain) but everything else is clear. The same file works fine as individual PDF exports and partial plans (2 or 3 sheets) but when I try to do the entire set this happens. I have been working around it by doing them all individually but it would be nice to do them as a batch. The setting are the same for all of my exports. I do have Acrobat 9 installed.
  11. I usually export to PDF and then print the preview when I am using my desktop. I have Cute PDF (a free PDF printer that you can download) on my laptop and it works great. Acrobat Pro is really expensive and if all you want to do is print this works fine.
  12. cbd


    I was just checking out the latest posts and noticed this one. I have been looking for a drafting font for the last year and Mr. Hand looks perfect. Thank you Ray.
  13. How long does it take for them to do a fix back to something that works? These dimensions are a major time factor in my final drawings. Faster and simpler is what software should be. Vw just became slower..... Upper floor handrails seem to be impossible for them to fix since they lost them in 2009, hopefully this isn't the same for dimensioning. The motto "If something isn't broke don't fix it." comes to mind.
  14. Have you turned on the "sill" class? They disappear if it is off.
  15. cbd

    Stair Railings

    Has this been submitted as a bug? I have been drawing handrails in the upper floor annotation 2-D plans since VW2009 came out and I was really hopeful that it would be fixed in 2010 but no such luck. This adds quite a bit of time to the drawings if there are revisions that require moving stairs even a few inches each time.
  16. Thanks, that seems to work. I always leave it checked so it must have changed with the imported file. If this happens again I will look there first.
  17. After updating a 2008 file to 2010 I am having a problem with my Viewport annotations in all of my files. (At least I think this is what caused it). My elevation viewport changes to wireframe from hidden line when I go into annotation mode. This makes them impossible to work on. This also happened about a month ago and I was able to fix it by resetting the preferences and then rebooting my computer. Not this time!! The files work fine when I open them on my back-up laptop.
  18. I am having exactly the same problem in the annotation drawing dimensions. I am also having siding hatches disappear from the sheet drawings if I send them back to show the windows.
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