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  1. Is there any way to make it display as a solid object in 3d - not just a 3d boundary line? I just want something that gives the impression of vegetation - it doesn't have to be photo-realistic.
  2. Hi mike I don't have Renderworks. Is that a requirement for this? The Use Textures setting is checked but is also greyed out.
  3. I am using Vectorworks 2011 to build a site plan. I would like to include a 3D view using a "Landscape Area" to display a block of vegetation. I have drawn the shape of the area, set the 3D view to "3D Plants" and added the plant information. When I turn on OpenGL mode and switch to a 3D view the plants appear only as plain grey cross-shaped 3d objects (not sure of the right word!). I can't get them to look like plants either as 3D shapes or 2D images.
  4. I have a DTM and a site plan. I have converted the site plan into 3d polys and "send to surface"'d it to the DTM, which seemed to work well. My problem is that when views in OpenGL mode the lines of the site plan are very fine, so much so that they appear slightly dotted. I have tried increasing the line thickness but this seems to have no effect in OpenGL mode - it makes a difference in wireframe mode and looks like it should help but in OpenGL mode the lines remain waffer-thin. Am I missing something here?
  5. It's not a case of things not appearing. I'll try and explain... I can copy and paste and it works perfectly but ONLY ONCE! After that it just pastes the same data as it pasted the first time no matter if you copy something different or not. I have done some experiments: Copying data from document A into new document B - works. Copying data from document C into new document B - works. Copying data from document A into document B AND THEN copying data from document C into document B - doesn't work - pastes document A data twice. Copying data from document A to new document B and then copying data from document A into new document D - works. Which suggests to me that it's the paste (in place) function that is causing the problems.
  6. Thanks for the reply Orso. I've managed to get the layers paste-in-place-ing to the correct position (unless I import multiple DXFs at once). The problem is I can only do it once. I'll try and break down the steps as much as possible: - I create a new file. This will be where all the data eventually ends up: let's call it the base file. - [whenever I open a new file I set the origin, units and scale so that everything matches up] - I create another new file [lets call this Import1]. Into this I import DXF number 1. - I select all and copy from Import1. - I paste-in-place this into the base file. - I create another new file [lets call this Import2] and import DXF number 2. - I copy the data from Import2. - I paste-in-place this data. - Instead of the data from Import2 being pasted, the data from Import1 is pasted instead. I can't think why it would do this? Is there any reason you would want it to do this? Interestingly I don't have the option "Center after import" in that dialog.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. No luck though - I was alerady using that view.
  8. Thanks for the response. Classes are all turned on. I've been using paste in place. I've tried making a new design layer for each one. Still the same result, I'm afraid! The really weird part is that the first time you paste something in it works perfectly but after that it only works partially. In fact last time I tried it the first one pasted without a problem but when I pasted the second one it pasted the first one again but positioned in the wrong place and with a few bits of the second one as well!
  9. Hello! I'm using Vectorworks 11. I have one main Vectorworks file and a load of DXFs which I need to import into it. I've tried a couple of methods: 1) Import all the DXFs directly into the file. Each of the files appears at a different scale. 2) Make a base file. Create a blank document, import a file into that then copy and paste into the main file. The first file works fine but each file after that doesn't paste properly - only some of the shapes appear (pasting into another blank document works meaning it's the pasting that is causing the problems, not the copying). When I do it this way the scales are correct and the layers match up but not all of the content is there. I get the impression I'm missing something! Can anybody shed some light on this?


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