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  1. I am trying to make a simple sliding barn door (you know-with big clunky hardware on the outside, and the door hanging from a track). I've messed around with the standard door settings. And found I can get pretty close with the pocket door offset 4". But, the darn "pocket" is still displayed. Of course, trying to make this work in a rendered view won't work and I'll still have to draw the hardware in any interior elevations.

    Anyone have any workflow for this type of door? [img:left][/img]

  2. Still unsuccessful trying to join roofs that were created with the "create roof"

    command. I have attached screenshots. And, I can't join roofs that are not overlapping (they seem joinable: same pitch and elevation). I've attached two screen shots showing ability to join a roof created using "create roof face" command.

    Still totally baffled. I've checked the preferences, Tamsin. But, everthing is checked and highlighting does occur with other tools.

  3. I can't figure out how to draft on an elevation view. If I create a viewport of the model view, looking at it from a side, it looks pretty good on the sheet with the hidden-line option. But, I'd like to add some texture and hatches and details on top of what's there. I'd also like to cover up some areas that weren't completely resolved in the model.

    I've used revit, and found you can draft in any view with "detail-lines". I suppose these are like screen plane elements? But, I can't create screen plane elements in these model views, apparently.

    I thought I could "annotate the drawing view, but the wireframe model during annotation makes it very difficult to see what I am drawing on top of.

    Sorry this might be a very simple concept I'm just not getting.

  4. I just can't get my head around why the hatch when viewed in the active design layer doesn't look the same as the sheet view of a viewport of the same area?

    The thing is the hatch appears the same scale in both "if I don't use the attribute mapping tool to tweek it's location. Then, if I move it over a little bit in the design layer, when I go back to the sheet view, it appears totally different.

    Can anyone direct me to a good description of why this is happening?


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