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  1. I'm having problems with this, too. Anyone know how to change the space object standard naming to A-Area Class?
  2. Thanks, and I thought I would have to model it. Too bad there isn't a way to do it inside of the default doors. I would like to be able to schedule it without having to remember to update and do manually. But, that's just something we've got to do. thanks again.
  3. I am trying to make a simple sliding barn door (you know-with big clunky hardware on the outside, and the door hanging from a track). I've messed around with the standard door settings. And found I can get pretty close with the pocket door offset 4". But, the darn "pocket" is still displayed. Of course, trying to make this work in a rendered view won't work and I'll still have to draw the hardware in any interior elevations. Anyone have any workflow for this type of door? [img:left][/img]
  4. Thanks, that seems to be the key. I am confusing the roof face with roof object. And, this makes sense. Thanks so much, sometimes I can just over-think this. What a great resource, having everyone on the boards to refer to!
  5. Still unsuccessful trying to join roofs that were created with the "create roof" command. I have attached screenshots. And, I can't join roofs that are not overlapping (they seem joinable: same pitch and elevation). I've attached two screen shots showing ability to join a roof created using "create roof face" command. Still totally baffled. I've checked the preferences, Tamsin. But, everthing is checked and highlighting does occur with other tools.
  6. I was able to make a connection between roof faces, using the connect tool--but only if they were overlapping. I have not been able to replicate the functionality I would really like to have: automatically extending a roof by selecting a roof object and combining with an adjacent roof object, as seems to be the demonstration video.
  7. I wonder if it has something to do with settings. I'm at a total loss. In the training video it show the roof planes highlighting when the cursor hovers above each. Mine does not. I am also on os X 10.8.2
  8. I just upgraded to 2013,while in connect combine tool, I'm trying to connect to roof faces as in the online new features demo. When I hover my cursor over the roof nothing highlights like in the video. It is like the 3d objects aren't being recognized by this feature. I did install sp2 for 2013. Any suggestions?
  9. Thanks, but I found out what was wrong. The display viewport cache was not checked. When I went in to annotation edit, so I kept seeing wireframe views. Couldn't figure out for the life of me what I was doing wrong.
  10. I can't figure out how to draft on an elevation view. If I create a viewport of the model view, looking at it from a side, it looks pretty good on the sheet with the hidden-line option. But, I'd like to add some texture and hatches and details on top of what's there. I'd also like to cover up some areas that weren't completely resolved in the model. I've used revit, and found you can draft in any view with "detail-lines". I suppose these are like screen plane elements? But, I can't create screen plane elements in these model views, apparently. I thought I could "annotate the drawing view, but the wireframe model during annotation makes it very difficult to see what I am drawing on top of. Sorry this might be a very simple concept I'm just not getting.
  11. I just can't get my head around why the hatch when viewed in the active design layer doesn't look the same as the sheet view of a viewport of the same area? The thing is the hatch appears the same scale in both "if I don't use the attribute mapping tool to tweek it's location. Then, if I move it over a little bit in the design layer, when I go back to the sheet view, it appears totally different. Can anyone direct me to a good description of why this is happening?
  12. We have a number of drawings (possible hundreds) all are using same basic set-up for classes, layers. Is there a way to simplify changing these class attributes without opening each and every file and doing this over and over again?
  13. Thanks! Of course it would be as easy as updating! Thank god I don't have to figure out what some of those ref codes are... David
  14. I am having trouble importing an Autocad file from a mech consultant. Other files they have will open fine. Any suggestions? I have uploaded file here. Thanks Anyone
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