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  1. Oh I should say i'm running VW 2012 (architect) on a macbook pro
  2. Hi Ok a nubie here so be gentle! Here is what I want to do.... Create a model in 500mm blocks of a hillside in aberdeen... (long story). I can get terrain via google maps/ sketchup. The problem is the resulting terrain is pretty useless in VW its a series of 3d polys. I want a shape I can project onto and or shell. The best I can do so far is drape it but the resulting nurbs surface wont shell and you cannot project onto it a solid either. I have no idea why. I should add that the result I want is a scale model of the hillside not at 1:1 so the file I uploaded could be one 500mm block Many thanks Will
  3. Benson great work thanks for the share! Some of your projects look really interesting. My art is at http://www.holmstudio.com/ if you wanna gander
  4. Thanks Benson, I have a sample being cut today I'll let you know how I get on!! Will
  5. thanks benson a great help.... I'll try your ideas not absolutly certain how to use "polyline edit tool in convert to corner vertex mode" But I'll muck about! Cheers Will
  6. I use a logitech too I used to use steermouse but the latest mx 1100 (the best logitech mouse imho) has mac drivers from logitech. I prefer battery operated mices as i don't want another desktop charger and battery life is good too what is it like with the magic mouse??
  7. As above does it work with VW or adobe CS3 Ok worth the investment?? Cheers
  8. Ok propstuff this is definitely the best plan unless like me the client wants artwork traced in Illustrator and the resulting file is an exported dwg from AI. So it is full of loads of various data and is a large file (many lines) so retracing in VW is completely impracticable. It seems VW should really offer a output for plasma cutting although I realize many more current companies can create g code straight from ai files this is not the case here in bonnie scotland and they don't seem to be able to deal with splines at all and polys slow the cut time to much for a complex form. Help!!! Cheers Guys and gals Will
  9. Hi all first post and all so I might be in the wrong section (mods move it if you need to) but here goes.... I'm working with a plasma cutting guy and the complex files I'm building need "arc fitting" can this be done accurately in VW? I can do it in Rhino but it seems like I should be able to do it in VW and save a stage? The "arc smoothing" command even set at very high 2d conversion changes the file to much. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Will


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