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  1. Tried but not display as the correctly, it appears as the symbol I posted.
  2. Hi, I am having a problem to use dimension tool when input the plus/minus symbol ?, it shows ?" Is there any solution? I am using VW2010 sp4, Win7 Ultimate. Thank you very much! Steven
  3. Hi All, Just dunno why my vectorworks 2010 sp4/windows xp cannot print pattern, if i choose a pattern for a rectangular for example, it prints only outline but no pattern fills, is there any setting wrong? thank you very much for help! steve
  4. File emailed to you already, tks a lot!
  5. m....the SP2 is a downloaded file from Nemetschek, not a install disk.
  6. Hi Ray, I m using Windows Xp, VDSL PPPOE access to internet, no firewall setup. Problem exists when display "Installing Windows Application Core Files", then error occured. Shall i give you the "UpdaterLog" to check? Thanks very much. Steven
  7. Dear members, I just bought a VW2010 version and installed a plugin file of Artlantis S & R, but the VW crash everytime when doing export, anyone can help me this? info: OS: WinXp VW: VW2010 (not yet update to SP2 due to update error) Artlantis Plugin: Export Plug-in from VectorWorks 2010 to Artlantis Render-Studio 3. (Export 15.1.1)Artlantis Render 3 (http://www.artlantis.com/index.php?page=download/plugin/index) Tks so much! Steven
  8. I have the similar problem of installing the updater, anyone can help me this, i'm just a newbie of it. Tks all! Steven
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