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  1. I want to show plant shaows in a top plan drawing (2d) I clicked on display shadows as they are in the wrong place I double clicked on the plant, chose DEFINITION, RENDER then option CUSTOM. I adjusted the shadow (see below) and clicked ok. The shadow render did not adjust to new settings. To test I clicked the plan to add a new plant, the new shadow settings are not showing. I have set the DOCUMENT PREFERENCES/SHADOW to the same settings as well, it also has no effect. Please advise Running VW 2015 SP5 build 290108 on Windows 10 Home Image shows DEFINITION screen to the left with top plan view to the right - shadows completely different.
  2. I have downloaded the software and am trying to install but it is giving me error 4960 as a message any ideas? I tried the support people but so far no reply.
  3. M5d apologies you are right I was mid comparing the i5 Quad core with the 'ordinary' iMac core duo and posted the incorrect i5 spec. So the i5 it is then! Thanks for comments
  4. I am about to sell my soul and buy into the Mac world in the form of an iMac i5 as my current laptop won't render effectively and is a bit jumpy with big (3D) VW files. I have read the specs but am none the wiser really on whether it will be good enough (3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2560 x 1440 resolution 8GB memory, 1TB hard drive, 8x double-layer, ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB.) Can anyone advise?
  5. I have a planting plans that I have created PDF's from, one in B&W one in colour. On the printed colour one, not all of the 'plant to elbow' tag lines are being printed but they ARE showing clearly on PDF on screen. The B&W one prints fine, no missing lines at all. Both were printed on the exact same machine. I understand some printers can't print lines as fine as 0.05 but then why are any of the lines printing when they are all the same line width? That said how can I change the line width for all the tag lines to something wider than 0.13. Attribute palette won't allow me to change the line width and changing it in class and updating objects changes the fill, which is not what I want at all. I am serious hoping not to have to redo all the plan/plants
  6. Thank you for the suggestion. It seemed to fix itself after I closed and reopened the file. A ghost in the works
  7. I have created several new plants for a quick (small) planting plan. The class is set to 'none' for all elements all plants are on one layer ' plants'. I edited an existing plant and it appeared but greyed out, as if on another layer or a really low opaque on the 2d render BUT neither is the case, it's on the same layer, has an opaque of 90% of a darkish green and is in the same class as the 'normal' colour plants (shown as coloured circles). I am sure it's some setting I have selected by mistake but now all newly placed plants are doing the same thing, coming up greyed out. Thanks for any input. os XP sp3, Vectorworks 2010
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