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  1. Hi, I'm pretty much a complete beginner to Vectorworks in general, so bear with me. I'm making a light plot, and as part of a presentation I want to create a few different 3-D renderings of the theatre, angle-color visualizations, that kind of thing. My problem is that whenever I use Rendorworks, everything turns white. I can't see any objects at all, though I can still place them. This problem doesn't occur with openGL or using a wireframe model, just with both final and fast quality renderworks. I think the layers could be messed up somehow, but I've moved pretty much everything to different levels and nothing changed. Changing the level/class of the rendering doesn't seem to work, either. I'm a bit stressed out, because I need the rendered images by Thursday afternoon... I cannot attach the file at the moment, but I will in an hour or so, if necessary. My heartfelt thanks for any help!


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