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  1. Hi Ray, I need help! I also have the student version 2010 in windows vista. I had the same problems as Alexa, all of them, and I did everything you told here, and now i can open the program. But i still have problems to draw and see the drawings. There is something wrong with the screeen, 'cause i cannot see anything i draw, and when i open a project, i cannot see anythin, although the project is opened and all the comands are working. Besides that sometimes my screen is black! What is happenning? I'm desperate, since i have to od my thesis and the deadline is approaching...! Thank yo very much! Magna
  2. Hi, i installed a student version 2010 on my windows laptop and i can opened the file only as admnistrator, but the background is black and i cannot see what i'm drawing. I've already reinstalled it several times, plus quick time from vw. I have autocad, and runs very good. I'm desesperate because o my thesis!!! Someone can help me? Tks&Regards, Magna
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