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  1. If I upgrade to VW 12 can I be sure the glitch will disappear??
  2. I am checking on the cheapest solution to upgrading but may end up forgetting about Vectorworks altogether and just use Sketchup but VW is more suited to what I do. Does anyone know the costs?
  3. It worked perfectly before I received the dwg file. ?????? Since then, it has the errrors that's what confusing. It was passed from someone whose ArchiCad is not working properly and I wondered it that attached a corruption.
  4. Its running on my MacBook Pro which I haven't updated to 10.5.8. Is the answer getting the most recent version - need the 24" to prevent my eyes from crossing over or being transfixed by alien hatches. Thanks so far ...
  5. Hi I tried to help a friend and open a dwg file for her on my Intel Duo Mac using Vectorworks - which did. But now when I open Vectorworks, my working window has one pattern of hatches filling the screen and the ruler in another hatch pattern. I have tried preferences, set up options, de-installing, re-installing, re-running, then deleting and restoring using Utility Disc and Time Machine a few days before the dwg file arrived. I have updated from 11 to 11.01 and then to 11.5 and the only difference is that the hatch pattern changes! I'll soon have easter bunnies prancing across the page before long! When I try to print, my solid lines appear hatched and the edging also. The plans are not readable! Can any one assist and help me resolve this problem?? Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac8,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 I am running Mac OS 10.5.8 and am yet to upgrade to snow leopard for fear of more problems.
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