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  1. Spotlight Open GL Rendering. Colleague and I working together and it seems that we are at the Fixture limit of what can be rendered. I have never seen this before. Situation: 10 Color Chorus 12s in plot, 5 (blue light) are high shooting down, 5 (red light) at ground shooting up. All are focused and correctly oriented. Only 8 are rendering. Visualization palette shows all are on. Symptom: As some fixtures are turned off (via Visualization or Edit Light) the non rendered fixtures start rendering. In any combination there appears to a be a max limit of 8 visible renders. Any ideas? Vectorworks Version 2019 System Mac High Sierra 10.13.6 - Not Mojave. Machine 2017 MacBook Pro 15" Graphics Card Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB Gilead Intercontinental Century City.vwx
  2. Yes, Class your truss and assign texture to class. Joshua is right.
  3. Andrew, This is actually the direction I wanted to go. So thank you. However I don't understand how to let the object "See" the VS class. Where do I find that documentation you referred. I am happy to read the documentation, just don't know where to find it. Thank you again, Sincerely, Andy
  4. Does anyone know how to build a symbol, where the texture/image can be modified on an individual basis, not a global basis? I have a custom scenic piece that is comprised of 2 parts. A frame and a fabric skin. I want to be able to change the texture on the skin yet keep the frame texture constant. Similar to Andrew Dunnigs' Video screen idea with a fixed frame but modifiable image selection for the screen. I tried using class applied textures to the frame only and then applying my image texture to the whole symbol. FAIL Texture applied across all pieces. Thank you all?
  5. Michael, This is a great video. This is super helpful! Thank you.
  6. I hope this is not to late. One more simple little trick I use for drape texture is to change the color of drape from Black to "Just less than black". When the shadows are black, starting off with a drape at BLack, there is nor more further Blackness for the drape to go to. Therefore I color all my drape at 2nd to Last "black" in Row 4, Column 8. For the renderings it does the trick.


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