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  1. markaj

    Snap to loci

    Well gentlemen - we have a resolution! Thankyou for your help - 'turn master snaps off' is the solution, and the script works a treat. I have traditionally found the ease of snapping (amongst other things) in VW all part of the useability thing that makes it a much easier & quicker tool to use than AwfulCAD, so its good to know it's still the case. Much appreciated, cheers! Mark
  2. markaj

    Snap to loci

    Yep - same layer, same class. All in 2D Plan, I place a locus, start a line & try & end it anywhere along the locus line - but no luck! All snaps turned on except grid. Mystery - can't make it work!
  3. markaj

    Snap to loci

    Hi ArtV - thanks for looking! I'm afraid that doesn't work for me. I need to have 'Snap to Object' on as well as 'Smart Points' and then locate the locus & make it active (so that it gains a small blue box around it) - only then I can snap to the line, which is my grumble!. I guess it must be a graphics card problem?.....or a bug...
  4. markaj

    Snap to loci

    Ahah- I have that already, but it whilst it enables the visibility of the locus lines, I cannot snap to them unless I locate the actual locus & make the line active with smart cursor enabled..........see post 1! But ArtV, you say you can snap to the lines? or do you have to make the locus active first? Thanks - Mark
  5. markaj

    Snap to loci

    'Make guides' is certainly a useful tool - but it is quite a bit of extra work. Well I guess 'snap to locus (lines)' is dead & buried then - oh well, another VW plus point sacrificed in the name of progress...... Surely I'm not alone in working this way??!
  6. markaj

    Snap to loci

    Yeah - I've seen that, but still no joy! In v2008 & previous, you could lay out a load of vertical & horizontal non print construction lines by placing locus points. You could then snap to anywhere on these locus lines, ie. draw a line to them, move an object to them and even trim to them - very useful! Mark
  7. markaj

    Snap to loci

    On 2017 you can turn Snap to Loci on & off, but it just seems to turn the loci visibility on & off, & if you cant see them - you can't snap to them.... Maybe its a graphics problem? Mark
  8. markaj

    Snap to loci

    Yes - acquiring the locus isnt a problem. Its the ability to snap to the line itself without having to find the locus, which might be a long way away. Mark
  9. markaj

    Snap to loci

    I'm sure this has been covered before - but I cant really find a satisfactory answer; How does one actually snap to locus lines?? I use VW mostly for 2D cad (I use other software for 3D), and the ability to snap to locus lines is (or was) one of the most useful tools in setting out say a floorplan. I understand the tool was removed & put back in at some point, but I find in v2017 it has become a pain in the arse to use. The only way I can snap to a locus line is to locate the actual locus, wait a split second for it to register and carefully try & work my way back up that line to where I want to snap to (if this makes sense!). This is a right royal pain if your actual locus point is a long way from where you want to snap to, and there is lots of other geometry in the way, & I feel this has put VW on a par with Autocad in this repect (ie. annoyance factor)!.........unless I'm missing the obvious?? For the time being I tend to revert back to v2008 - where it all works beautifully! I'm hoping someone will tell me I'm doing it all wrong! - TIA, Mark
  10. markaj

    VW working incredibly slow

    Hear hear - having just updated my graphics card & put VW 2017 on an SSD, I am just as frustrated & will now start working back through older versions to find which works best. Its become unbearable! Its worse than minicad was on my old performa!
  11. markaj

    Slot tool/rectangular PIOs

    Hi - could someone with VW2017 SP2 confirm whether the slot tool (in Detailing) works correctly or not, when used in edge placement mode? ie. it actually places the slot from the edge. I would like to check that it does before I upgrade & find it doesn't! Thanks Mark
  12. markaj

    Plugins playing up

    No, it seems to be the fact that 'edge placement' option isnt working with 2017. The shape itself is irrelavent. I shall go back to 2016 for the time being - as I have work to do! thanks anyway, Mark
  13. markaj

    Plugins playing up

    Hi Pat, VSO enclosed. It was created back for v12 (2007) & works ok with v2016 but not v2017. Mark RC Batten Section.vso
  14. markaj

    Plugins playing up

    Apologies for digging this up again - could anyone else confirm this is a problem? Or am I completely overlooking something, before I get all of my custom tools rewritten! I have also tried it with the sample simple grid script from these pages, which is also a basic rectangle tool; the same behaviour, it works properly in v2016, but does as above in v2017. Thanks Mark
  15. markaj

    Plugins playing up

    Yes - I guess the funtionality has changed? or is it a glitch? VW2016 does this; (the square one) & VW2017 does this; (the rectangle one) Same plug in, different versions of VW. Its as though the edge placement mode get overridden by the centre placement mode.