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  1. Hi Lyuben - Ahah, Well the one I would want is the bottom of the list, updated Feb 4th - and it is the second to last version, so - enormous sigh of relief!! There does seem to be two folders one in capitals & the other not - this is a mistake as yes, I'm using this on a PC and a Mac simultaneously, so this is probably where this happened. That would make sense - but why should that folder over write the other? Anyway lesson learnt! I'm still getting to grips with the cloud, mostly it seems to work for me. I think the FAQs pages have improved a bit, so will study them. Anyway many thanks again - panic over! Mark
  2. Hi Lyuben, Thanks for the speedy response! Unfortunately the cloud portal gives the old version of the VW file, yet the pdf is up to date. If you can access my cloud portal, the files are FIORE bootrooms RevA.vwx & FIORE bootrooms RevA.pdf. The PDF being up to date & the VW about 3 days old! Its as if I've had autosave turned off (which it isnt!) Thanks Mark
  3. What I dont understand, is I have two files next to each other in my cloud services folder, the VW version & the PDF version, time & date last saved within a couple of minutes of each other, but the PDF is upto date & what it should be but the VW version has gone back to an old version from a couple of days ago!......... Right - i'd better get on with the redrawing.
  4. So - after a days work, I publish to PDF (18 sheet layers) & email to client, save (to VW cloud services folder on my PC), hit the 'status' & 'sync files' on the cloud services drop down, let them do their thing & go to bed. Next day when I open VW the drawing has reverted to an old version - ie I've lost a days work. I cant get the work I've done back from anywhere it seems! What did I do wrong? apart from keeping 2 copies of everything. At least I have a PDF copy............ Its always worked in the past, but for some reason it seems to have backdated the VW file rather than updated it. BTW the time & date modified is correct on the file info. Any ideas??
  5. Hi & Happy New Year! So, I have been taking advantage of some downtime to organise cloud based workgroup folders for resources, templates & general tidying up. All good & going to plan so far. However - how do I organise custom plugin tools so that they can be accessed from more than one location? Currently custom plugins get saved to a seperate location to the standard plugin library on the machine they are created on - as per normal (the 'custom plugins' tab on the plugins manager). Is it possible to redirect them to a folder in the VW cloud services folder which can then be referenced on another computer? Would be nice! TIA Mark
  6. So after years of merrily saving some drawings with 'M&E' or 'P&E' in the title (plus a few others), I find that Vectorworks cloud services wont accept them because of the ampersand.....WTF!! come on - this is a step backwards........!!
  7. markaj

    Hardware check

    Yeah - I agree! I did in fact install the GTX1050ti as per a recommendation. Its hard to explain the problem, just a general 'fluffyness' & slowness. I use other 3D modelling software with no issues. The best illustration is if I place a locus point on a drawing, with the setting on 'best for performance' everything is good but the locus lines disappear if the locus itself is off the screen. With the setting on 'Good performance & compatibility' lines appear as they should, but it's a bit clunky. & set to 'best compatibility' its nice & quick, but lines are woolly. Its all bearable really, but its no real improvement on previous setups on less capable machines. - And again I'm only talking 2D cad here!
  8. markaj

    Hardware check

    FWIW I have a GTX1050Ti and am running VW2017 & am greatly dissapointed in its performance. I only use 2D, so rendering is not an issue, but scrolling, lineweight - well everything in general, is awful!
  9. Well gentlemen - we have a resolution! Thankyou for your help - 'turn master snaps off' is the solution, and the script works a treat. I have traditionally found the ease of snapping (amongst other things) in VW all part of the useability thing that makes it a much easier & quicker tool to use than AwfulCAD, so its good to know it's still the case. Much appreciated, cheers! Mark
  10. Yep - same layer, same class. All in 2D Plan, I place a locus, start a line & try & end it anywhere along the locus line - but no luck! All snaps turned on except grid. Mystery - can't make it work!
  11. Hi ArtV - thanks for looking! I'm afraid that doesn't work for me. I need to have 'Snap to Object' on as well as 'Smart Points' and then locate the locus & make it active (so that it gains a small blue box around it) - only then I can snap to the line, which is my grumble!. I guess it must be a graphics card problem?.....or a bug...
  12. Ahah- I have that already, but it whilst it enables the visibility of the locus lines, I cannot snap to them unless I locate the actual locus & make the line active with smart cursor enabled..........see post 1! But ArtV, you say you can snap to the lines? or do you have to make the locus active first? Thanks - Mark
  13. 'Make guides' is certainly a useful tool - but it is quite a bit of extra work. Well I guess 'snap to locus (lines)' is dead & buried then - oh well, another VW plus point sacrificed in the name of progress...... Surely I'm not alone in working this way??!
  14. Yeah - I've seen that, but still no joy! In v2008 & previous, you could lay out a load of vertical & horizontal non print construction lines by placing locus points. You could then snap to anywhere on these locus lines, ie. draw a line to them, move an object to them and even trim to them - very useful! Mark
  15. On 2017 you can turn Snap to Loci on & off, but it just seems to turn the loci visibility on & off, & if you cant see them - you can't snap to them.... Maybe its a graphics problem? Mark
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