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  1. After a recent career move, I am back at working on VW2015 (MAC) after being on VW2018 previously. I am experiencing what I can only describe as a serious bug in viewport annotations for the first time. Text, linework, dimensions… annotated jump and shift position within the viewport, it can happen as easy as returning to the file the next day or moving the viewports around. The shifting is not always at unison; elements can go ‘all over the place’. This has caused tremendous strain to my performance to the level of a project successful completion being compromised. I have a hunch it could be related to rotated ‘view plan’ in design layers as well as copied annotations from one viewport to another retaining some sort of fixated origin point. But there seems not to be a single cause of the problem. I contacted our local representative but basically was told “bad luck” for using such an “old version” of the software. I have expressed my desire to upgrade within the company but I am afraid they will wait for VW2020 to do so. Any help / advice in solving this issue will be appreciated…
  2. Thanks for the link archoncad, I am aware of such sites, nevertheless most of those positions are with recruitment agencies, something that I am trying, at this stage, to avoid for the sake of both parties.
  3. Hi all, I am writing to those Aussie VW users in search of orientation. I have been trying for the past 2 months to move on career wise, but it has been a little bit difficult trying to identify companies using Vectorworks as one of their working platforms. Contrary to other softwares (i.e. Archicad, Revit) that are proudly displayed and promoted by quite a substantial number of firms, it seems that VW is used in a more ?underground? level, giving the impression that good old Vector is loosing ground in recent years. I do work in AutoCAD as well but just the idea of going back 100% gives me the chills. I am, after this experience, seriously considering shifting to Archicad due to its expansion in recent years. I am interested to know if any one is aware of employment opportunities for Vectorworks architects within Oz (preferably in NSW-ACT) or if there is a directory of VW users that could be consulted. For any further information that you would like to know, just send me a message Thanks in advance for the assistance
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