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  1. Where can I buy a used license of Vectorworks in the UK? Don't mind what version aslong as it works on a MAC OX 10.6.8 and compatible with Artlantis Studio 2 thanks Adey
  2. Hi, Recently became freelance again and need to get my old kit working again. I use VW 12.5, I have an old plugin to export to artlantis studio, works ok when creating the file but when you update the existing file I get an error message "The ATL file that you are trying to update does not match the file format that you have chosen. Please check file format" - do I need to update the plugin? thanks Adey
  3. Hi, I work mainly 2D drafting in VW which is fine, once in a blue moon I need to do 3D elements which I render in Artlanits, i've always used the plugin and it exports into Artlantis fine, however i've tried exporting amended files by ''update existing file'' and VW comes up with an error message saying format doesn't match. When I mouse over the export options I see ''this option is only available if you have the corresponding CATL framework installed'' - what does that mean in simple terms please? thanks Adey
  4. Ray Running os x 10.6.2 (is that snow? not sure?) No havent't upgraded to 12.5.3 - would that help?
  5. Just loaded VW 12 on an imac running leopard, when I export an Artlantis file to the desktop nothing appears, is VW 12 not compatible with leopard?
  6. Christian - brilliant that worked - perfect. Only hiccup is when I export say to my desk top there is nothing there, is this an issue created by the fact I am running VW 12 on leopard?
  7. i've got rid of the one of the artlantis exports as i have left it in the plug ins folder. However I still get the library warning
  8. if i go file>workspace>workspace editor then there seem to be two artlantis exports, I drag one across but when I go use it I gat a warning "No Artlantis Library ! The Artlantis export plug-in has not been correctly installed.
  9. Thanks for the advise christian Have moved the plug in there but can't see it in my export options? Any ideas?, I thought in the past you dragged the export from the left hand column to the right hand column within yjr workspace editor but can't remember how?
  10. Just updated my MAC, i've forgotten how and where to place the Artlantis Export VW12 US plug in the workspace editor - still using my old version of version 12. thanks for any advice. Adey
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