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  1. Sweet Jesus what a confusing pile of crap they are!
  2. Simple question gents, how do I print a drawing and have the viewport not print while obviously printing whats in the viewport, I have it on the nonplot class and set to invisible but it still appears when I print.
  3. Howdy gents another question to keep you on your toes. I inserted a window into my 3D drawing and have splayed the walls at a certain angle which is fine however I only want the walls at the left and right side of the window to be splayed but it seems to splay the walls at all 4 sides of the window. Anyway I can have the walls at the cill and head of the window flat?
  4. yup z heights checked and still no change, I drew the walls using the wall command in the building shell tab. Guess ill have to draw them the old fashioned way
  5. Another question chaps, Ive put a camera in a 3D room and set a sky background but when I render the view the background doesn't show through the window, if I have a background of trees for instance the window turns green and when I have a sky background the window turns blue etc. When I delete the window and leave an open space the background looks fine. Ive changed the window materials etc. but nothing seems to work?
  6. Hey guys sorry for all the questions, im trying to put a workstation counter in my drawing which is fine in plan but when i change to 3D my walls seem to have disappeared?
  7. hi thanks but there doesnt seem to be a way to change the material of the door itself?
  8. Hi thanks, what about applying materials to individual parts of doors etc. when inserted from the building shell toolbar?
  9. hey guys is there anyway to apply material to a face of an object e.g just one side of a wall? In AutoCAD you simply hold the shift key to apply a material to a face but this doesnt seem to work in VW.
  10. Hey guys im just after getting started with Vectorworks 2010 and having used numerous programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor etc. im a bit puzzled about a few things, one being the layers/classes, can anyone enlighten me on there function and how they differ?
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