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  1. What formulas do I put into a database header so I will be allowed to write random text in the rows below, When there is no formula in row 2 for example rows 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc. are locked and dont allow me to enter any text?

  2. Howdy gents in a report how do I increase a value to the next full number, e.g if I had a skirting board length 5.4m how do I get it to be 6m in a report, I know in a normal report you put =ceiling and then ,1 in your formula but it doesnt seem to be working in my VW report.

  3. Howdy gents the company I work for are getting new pc's and im wondering what sort of processing power etc. I require so VW can carry out high quality renders etc. without any problems.

  4. Whenever I go to Vectorworks help I get an error message "an error occurred while opening the help system, the VWHelp folder may be missing or contain invalid data, please contact technical support for assistance. Any idea what may be wrong?

  5. Hey guys ive imported a symbol from sketch up into my drawing but its a bit larger than I want it so I scaled it but when I scale the object the entire drawing seems to drop in scale with it. Ive double clicked the object to go into the group and scaled it from there but I get the same result, any ideas?

  6. Howdy gents im doing a studio design at the minute and I am showing elevation and I want the hatch to be shown in these elevations but im not sure how to do it, ive also done sections and I cant seem to get the hatching to appear any ideas?

  7. Howdy gents im designing a recording studio and have drawn 3D models of all the equitment, speakers, mixers etc. however when I convert them to symbols and bring them into my studio the drawing becomes incredibly slow and crashes everytime I try to perform a render, is there anyway to reduce the file size?

  8. Howdy gents im having a few problems trying to imprint text onto a 3D object, ive converted the text from true type to polyline and tried to project the text onto the object but it doesn't seem to work, it works fine for simple shapes but not text. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Howdy gents, is there anyway to apply a texture just to the face of an object. Im after drawing a keyboard in 3D and obviously there alot of extrusions and subtractions etc. and I want to apply a different texture to the face of the subtraction but it takes on the texture of the object it was subtracted from.

  10. Howdy gents, im designing a studio at the moment and want to do each item of furniture in a seperate drawing and import it into a new drawing, how might I go about this, and should a certain piece of furniture need altering would I be able to alter it in the original drawing and have it update automatically in the new drawing ala external references in AutoCAD?

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