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  1. Howdy gents, is there anyway to flatten out the sides of a room e.g when you look at the plan you see the floor and the walls flattened down aswell like if you got a shoe box and cut the corners and flattened them out, ive tried the unfold surfaces command but that doesn't work on the walls, any ideas?

  2. Howdy gents, ive drawn an acoustic hanger and I want to send a PDF but the Final Quality Renders seem very bright and I dont want shadows to be cast but I cant seem to change it in the Lighting Options in the OIP?

  3. Howdy Gents, I seem to be having a problem rendering my drawing in artistic render, everything appears in white except my renderworks background, the materials appear correctly in final quality renderworks.

  4. Howdy gents, i want to do a high quality artistic render to put on a website but whenever I do the render the lines appear very thick, ive checked the thickness of them in the render options and there set to the minimum? Also if i increase the dpi the render just appears as a final quality render and not an artistic render?

  5. Howdy gents, silly question but its annoying me, im dimensioning my drawing and have put in an angular dimension and reduced the text but I cant seem to be able to reduce the arrow size at the ends of the dimension, I created a new dimension style but there doesn't seem to be an option for it there either? I know its probably going to be something really simple.

  6. Well i have mod floor 1 selected yet objects drawn on mod floor 1 turn gray even when i have "active only" selected, and im able to select objects on different layers

  7. Howdy gents, this is prpbably a stupid question but I dont use layers that much as I stick to classes, but I have a 2 storey building on two different layers but for some reason I cant select or snap to certain objects that are on the same layer, also when I select "active only" certain objects disappear even though there on the same layer, the objects that disappear seem to change depending on what class I have selected.

  8. Howdy gents, Im trying to calculate the amount of material needed in a studio and I am currently calculating the doors, how do I calculate the amount of material needed for the architrave of the door, it only seems to show the width and thickness for the int/ext trim and id like more options than that. Also regarding skirting board I just drew them with polylines and extruded them but when I calculate the length etc. on the report the values seem to be all wrong and change depending on what view im looking at in the drawing, I think I can solve that problem by drawing a wall of height 150mm and just use it as skirting board but surely theres an easier way?

  9. Howdy gents, does anyone else find the walkthrough extremely confusing in VW? In AutoCAD you can just draw a polyline and have the camera follow that around the drawing, is there anyway to do that in VW while its rendered in final quality renderworks?

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