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  1. I downgraded my QuickTime to 7.1.5, but that didn't fix it. I ended up running it in WinXP compatibility mode and it started and appears to be working...We'll see if this is a permanent solution and how slow this makes it. Thanks, -Tim
  2. Hello, I have a copy of Vectorworks 2008 and have been using it fine on my computer, but I just bought a new computer with Windows 7 x64 and now I am having some trouble. When I install VW2008 it goes through the whole thing and says it finished the installation successfully, but when I try to run VW2008, it can't even start the program without crashing. I saw in the common problems section that it doesn't like 64 bit processors, but Win7 has a pretty good 32 bit emulator. I guess my question is what is most likely the problem? -Windows 7 itself -64 bit processor -QuickTime 7.6.5 instead of the old 7.2 or whatever that is recommended Thank you for any assistance, -Tim
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