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  1. I'm looking forward to my yearly tradition of breaking the Lighting Device... Hehe. J
  2. Michael, I've had this issue before also. I did find that it was a dialog in the background such as the auto save reminder that somehow it had occurred either whilst or just before drawing a polyline or other multistep tool. In very unlucky and rare timing the dialog can go to the rear of your window set and cause VW to appear in an unresponsive lockout state. The only way I've been able to bring it to front is to open task manager and for the process to come to front, whether you force it to minimise and maximise again or do it from the process tree. Hope you can return to work tomorrow, make sure you post if you can't and we'll have to brainstorm more. J
  3. Thanks for all your great replies guys, sorry I couldn't reply sooner (got stuck in China, boo!). The background to this is that I'm currently drawing up a temporary venue to be located here in Melbourne for the Melbourne Festival in situ. Surveyors did their stuff, gave me a dxf with a whole heap of lovely contour lines which covered everything except for a rather large, obstructing, and inconvenient garden bed. When I asked for more detail about it I got this in my inbox, thus the challenge begins. These solutions are great using advanced 3D poly techniques and using the Project Tool's 3rd Mode (probably for the first time ever personally) really pushes the high end of the knowledge base. In the end it would have been much easier if I had the 20ish point NURB that I have no doubt this came from I'm glad that we all got to have a challenge together. Till the next one, J
  4. Heya, Attached is a 2010 version of the file. Does it have to be redrawn smoother? I've been told it's an exact trace and would prefer to keep it that way... I'll have a go at your suggestion though if I get a chance this afternoon. Cheers, J
  5. Hi all, See the file attached. I'm attempting to use a 3D polygon I've been provided with and I wish to create a solid from it that reaches my ground plane neatly but has the z-data attached to the upper vertices still. In the file attached imagine the 3D poly is the top of this solid and neatly meets the ground plane as the extrude does. I've tried to subtract my poly from a solid trace, extrude the 3D poly itself, loft using it as a nurbs curve and several other things. Any ideas? If you have queries let me know, I'm racking my brain! J
  6. Yep, Under the little drop-down arrow in the top right hand corner select Zoom>x% to scale up or down. Shouldn't effect the actual size on the page. Cheers, J
  7. Kieron, See my attached before and after screenshots. With the database header row (Row 4 for me) selected you can drag the icon for Sort Ascending from the titlebar and attach it to Column B with the Mark sorting in them. Should do the trick, as long as the data is number based, I've had a few errors with numbers in text fields in the past. Hope that helps. J
  8. Just going to throw something in here that I was having a look at: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=VS:SetWSCellNumberFormat Trying out both option 10 under the DO NOT USE category. Seems to somewhat work but didn't have the brain space at the time to play with option modifiers. Also I think there should be either modifiers for option 5 (Dimension) to enable Secondary Dimension choice, where you could easily have your two dimension sets or just create an option 14 for Secondary Dimension. It would make sense to have it as a modifier option so you could have Secondary Area and Secondary Volume also. Maybe it exists, maybe it's a wish. Love the formula though Michael, it's a crafty one! J
  9. Just thought I'd also pop in here. In the last 3 months I've been contacted by VW solutions staff on two occasions from issues I've posted here, both times with a formal email following up a query and solution/guarantees with both. This has restored my faith in the developmental side of VW staff and in my mind reinforces why we're all here. The occasional general 'Hi, that's something we're doing' wouldn't be too bad though! J
  10. I was asked this question earlier this year and had a go at it late one night. I mainly wanted an isometric rendered preview pane, and it was quite effective for the most part. See attached now. Two Vectorworks windows open. One main file, design layers and all, this is the 'Working Document'. Then a second document open, this is the 'Preview Document'. Within the Preview document I referenced the Working document, and created a Design Layer Viewport using data from the Working document onto the Preview document's design layer. Anytime the reference file link is updated in the Preview document the flow-on effect update the Design Layer Viewport, meaning it's like a isometric preview panel. The point I stopped is when I hit a little issue of self updating time periods. I tried to alter the reference settings from the Organisation panel to auto refresh every minute, (I tried 0.1 mins but it wouldn't take it, Darn!), but it seems that this function isn't instantious anyway. It relies on saving of the source file... so I set the autosave to 1 min also for the Working Document. This has a flow-on effect, (depending how quickly you could open the two files respective to each other), of creating the required kick to force the update. All would be fine, except for the unavoidable dialog asking if you would like to update the references that are out of date, (no lovely do this every time check box here!). So is it possible, sort of. If there was a script that could run in the background and force an update of the reference file, which it should be noted when done manually applies changes even though the Working Document hasn't been saved, every 10seconds or so with no questions asked you'd be set! Anyways, good luck getting this implemented as a feature, I'm doubting VW has the power to support multiple windows in this capacity. Perhaps a preview pane style maybe. Cheers, J
  11. Ash, I've been playing with this issue for a while now and my answer so far is no. Without a record to reference, an entity counted by a database cannot create a numerical sequence purely within the database sub-rows. I'm hoping that someone is going to but in and have a clever way of =(CurrentSubRowNumber-CurrentRowNumber)*10 but I haven't found such an answer yet. I'll be interested to see though! J
  12. Rick, Just to give you another option, I often have to spec PSUs with showcase fixtures for exhibitions. You can always create a separate record for Power Accessories and check it to active if you have a PSU or switching device attached. I then have Vectorworks pull up Lighting Devices with this record attached and tally them up this way. It's just another way out of the possible hundred. Cheers, J
  13. You were so close Ash! ='Worksheet 1':B2 The apostrophe is only required if the worksheet title has a space in it otherwise whole words are fine, eg. =Worksheet1:B2 or =Worksheet-1:B2 Keep asking these questions, it's useful for everyone Cheers, J
  14. Micheal, I have done so with scripts in the past but was hoping for a really crafty way to do it within a worksheet cell. I know there's some strays in the VW device library but I have an idea that I'll have to try tonight. I'll see if I can change the Weight field in the lighting device xml to be a General integer with a trailing unit of kg, which is what I used to do in the past for appearance in my worksheet. Then seeing if VW will interpret the figures within the Light Info Record as integers with tags rather than text. It might just crash though translating the data across, guess we'll see. Otherwise you're probably right, I might just make a script with a ForEachObject loop taking out any letter components from the Weight field string and leaving the numbers and then just run a VALUE() over the whole field in the worksheet. I'll let you know how I go breaking things. J
  15. Hey all, I want to analise the weight field of a Lighting Device as a value but I don't want to change the entire device library to do so. The current Lighting Device states the weight field as a 'Text' field so an example of weight is '11.3kg' as text. I want a worksheet formula which calculates the overall length of a field in characters, subtracts 2 places from the tail end and then converts it to a numerical value. A similar formula from Excel/Numbers would look like: =VALUE(LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-2)) Where field A1 contains the subject number with kg on the end, eg. '23.56kg' In my mind an easy translation to the header field of a worksheet with a database lookup for =DATABASE((R IN ['Lighting Device'])) would be: =VALUE(LEFT(('Lighting Device'.'Weight'),LEN(('Lighting Device'.'Weight'))-2)) Unfortunately the LEN() and LEFT() functions do not exist in VW. Does anyone have an idea to move forward? If not collaborative discussion time? Cheers, J
  16. Also behind you both on this one. On a similar note I would like the option when my dongle for VW is knocked out of a USB port I could get an option to SAVE my work rather than immediately quitting. J
  17. I've been looking at the 3DConnexion products for years but have always hesitated due to compatibility issues. I'll be watching with anticipation, J
  18. Thanks guys, Great responses and examples. Cheers, J
  19. Hey all, Just wondering how I write the following IF statement. At the moment I have: IF (CkCnt=TRUE OR CkAll=TRUE) Then Begin End; Where CkCnt and CkAll are Booleans. I'm probably just missing a comma or bracket or semisomething or sleep. Any help appreciated. Cheers, J
  20. Awesome! I guess rounding up could be achieved quite easily with =(x+1) DIV 1 anyways. ;p Thanks. J
  21. Michael, I had come to a similar solution last night but hadn't thought of moving the Value out, that's great! It's used in paperwork for two scenarios, one as you suggested in the theatrical world for subsidiary items such as bar extension on truss and counter-leavered arms. Secondly in the commercial exhibition world with custom created track layouts. I wrote a script a while ago that creates single and three circuit track as a lighting device from double-line/polygons which is great but there are some layouts such as figure-8 patterns that cannot be created from one loop of track, therefor the breakdown of 1.1, 1.2, 1.11, etc. This way the items of track can be identified independently but counted as a whole if needed. I just had a look at the help for the DIV function, does it always naturally round down? Cheers, J
  22. Thanks for all the great replies guys! Late last night I managed to convert Booleans to Integers but hadn't yet linked that to a function. This is the solution! Cheers, J
  23. Hey all, I have a script which looks great but has little execution. I have a lovely dialog which has 10 checkboxes. When each of these are checked or not checked they save their data as a Boolean to 10 different Booleans labelled, ChkA, ChkB all the way to ChkJ. My question is what is the easiest way I can tally these up to find out how many are checked? I don't need to know which ones are checked just the total overall of how many are checked out of the ten and pop that number into an integer. Happy coding! J
  24. Thanks Pat. I'm always missing parenthhesis all over the place. So that formula now works! Just so you know the background too all these is that I'm bringing a whole heaps of templates forwards to 2013. Last step, promise. I've now got a formula from my old template: =IF((('Lighting Device'.'Position')=''), 0, ROUND(VALUE(('Lighting Device'.'Position'))-0.499)) In this situation the 'position' can only be entered as a number and the worksheet rounds it down to the nearest whole number, a formula I believe you helped me with years ago Pat. Working my way up to here I find that; =IF((('Lighting Device'.'Position')=''), 0, ROUND(VALUE(('Lighting Device'.'Position'))-0.499)) Works with rounding but returns #Value errors for blank cells. =IF((('Lighting Device'.'Position')=''), 0, ('Lighting Device'.'Position')) Works but shows decimals places. =IF((('Lighting Device'.'Position')=''), 0, VALUE(('Lighting Device'.'Position'))) #Value errors on blank cells, unrounded numbers on filled cells. =Any combination with ROUND() without VALUE() Fails with odd numbers presumably because 'Position' is a Text field. If someone gets a chance to check this over it'd be quite grateful, I'm just going in circles at the moment. Cheers, J
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