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    Firstly @sbarrett cool as work - that's so much fun. I'll be having an in-depth look later tonight for sure, great work!


    8 hours ago, michaelk said:


    I don't think so.  A while back, @James Russell had a really fun script where he animated a car on a turntable and a curtain flying away to reveal it.  That was 5 years ago and all the attached files are lost to the sofa cushions of the internet.  But in the last 5 years, who knows what he's been able to animate.


     @michaelk / @Nick Armory - 5 years is a long time. Unfortunately that's somewhat as far as we ever got there (I'll dig the old files out later). The crux of it being some hidden magic behind the older (2019) create animation and the way it would real-time cycle through object updates - however not so applicable for parametric objects.


    It's something one day I'd love to explore further - if only we had an extended period of isolation to do such things...


    However not wanting to leave you hanging for options please see the attached file. It's old but good - still runs in 2020 (double click the script in the scripts panel then W,A,S,D to control).


    Stay safe all,


    JRussell - PacMan 2015.vwx

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