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  1. Thanks markdd. I have attached Records already, but I need to attach data to specific fields for a number of symbol definitions at once. I still haven't found a method for this yet.
  2. Is there a quick method of adding default (sticky) data to symbols en masse, without having to edit each Resource Browser item one by one? I don't mean editing per file after the symbol is imported, (I can achieve this via ODBC to Filemaker), I mean at root definition level so that on import the data is already attached.
  3. Many thanks for this Pat. 26th December! I hope your Christmas holidays were not interrupted by my query. All the best for the New Year. I will work through your example and see where this gets me. Regards Marc Davies
  4. @Pat Stanford Is there an easy way to do a "fill down" entry to assign incrementing numbers to a database field and thereby add ID numbers to the records?
  5. Data Visualization is a wonderful tool and I have been applying it liberally with Auto-colour across a multi-floor BIM model to illustrate furniture by team. However, having 40 teams across my model means that viewports contain more key text info than the model area! I found the column break integer in the OIP but is there a method of reducing the key to only reflect the items within the viewport for say a single floor rather than for the whole model?
  6. Hi Charlie, Yes opened up the text box width but it reverts back to single character and then wraps to single character.
  7. Update: I have discovered that in 2019 Service Pack 2, the Space object number (which automatically populates the "Name" field at the bottom of the OIP) now shows when selecting Locations in worksheet database criteria. Still not very user friendly, compared to using the "Space Name" but at least it is accessible now. Thanks for your previous input.
  8. Having issues with text wrapping in our in-house Drawing Label symbol. Text is linked to record but if "wrapping" button is checked, then it only wraps one letter width resulting in many single letter columns. This is an issue I have seen in previous upgrades (probably decades ago). Nothing on the forum, is anyone else getting the same or have a fix?
  9. Hi Pat, thanks for the reply. I have been working on the Report Example file you provided above, but added a Space object to test it. I copied and pasted the object name of the Space Object (from the bottom of OIP) but it doesn't seem to work with or without the curly braces. Also tried Sum((Loc(SpaceName ='MySpaceName'))) and variations thereof but no deal. Of all the pop up options for calculating, SpaceName seems not to be available for the cells. I can get it to work vertically down the rows, but not horizontally across the columns.
  10. Plus, (and I hope someone is listening who can make this happen) worksheets do not have any "fill down" function for number incrementation. This would really help in other situations, but not this particular "stamp" issue.
  11. Thanks Samuel, I know I could do that and also add text-linked desk numbers, but it is generally easier to run amok with the stamp tool on the furniture objects in a layout for numbering because it is not easy to add numbers within worksheets as one cannot see the object. Additionally clients often have a specific preference for the numbering sequence positions. Entering via OIP records fields is similarly overly long-winded, requiring field hopping and manual incrementing, unlike the excellent auto-increment available with a data tag. If only I can get it to work.
  12. I would like to use data tags to create a sequenced numbering for desk layouts which I know I can do with the number stamp tool. BUT... I want to number desks AND have the number write itself into a record "location" field for each desk so that the location number is given in a schedule. (Really useful for furniture move scheduling, identifying where items are coming from). I can create linked text to do this within each symbol, but cannot figure out how to create a plug-in parameter where the stamp tool (or similar data tag) works with the record data for a linked object, although my reading suggests this should be possible. I want to add the number automatically to a worksheet/record AND/OR pick up any existing number data from such. Anyone got similar experience?
  13. Would also love to be able to import layers (preferably with an assigned colour number for both pen and fill) from a spreadsheet including some outline/folder hierarchy. Sooo much easier than creating all from scratch. - I know a template might help, but there are so many differences between each project in my humble experience.
  14. Hi JMR, Thanks I will have a look at how this works with symbol objects, and sorry for the late appreciation - only just spotted your post.


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