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  1. I've said this in another thread, but I have been using Cinema 4D for a few years and love it! I am pretty certain that I can model anything that one can achieve using Solidworks or VW. But C4D is a tool used for approximation and render of final designs, not for the informational accuracy needed for architects or engineers for production. I would love if VW would consider incorporating the C4D engine so that it is both more stable and possesses many of the 3D capabilities native to C4D. Heck, that would be an awesome marriage!
  2. GWS, Have you visited their site? They like to compare themselves to Solidworks, though features I suspect are not as plentiful. But if you don't need all the other stuff Solidworks has then why not try it? Get the demo, contact them and find out. I'm currently looking at Alibre because of its comparison to Solidworks and much cheaper price tag. If all goes well, the free version may be all that we need (HS with basic engineering course). Anyway, have heard both positive and negative, but negative tends to be more about features it does not have compared to Solidworks. Most people say that it's worth the price tag, though. Alibre claims that the following companies are using it: Abbott Laboratories Alcoa Allied Power Products Inc American Airlines ARC Technologies ArvinMeritor Avistar, Inc. Battelle Bechtel Bombardier Boyd Lighting Co BWXT-Y12 Technical Services Technical Services Calsonic-Kansei Carrier Corporation Caterpillar EG&G Defense Materials, Inc. - URS Corporation ExxonMobile Fabrico Huyett General Dynamics General Electric Corporate Research General Mills Honeywell IBM JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory Kelowna Flightcraft Kennametal Keystone Applied Technology Laird Technologies Lytron Methode Electronics MSI NASA Naval Air Warfare Center ( NAWCWD ) and Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Northrop Grumman Pfizer Pratt & Whitney Praxair SAIC Sandia National Laboratories ShopBot Tools Inc. Siemens SouthWest Research Institute Tamko Tripar, Inc. Whirlpool Wyle Laboratories Inc. Some big names. I don't know you, but seeing names like this clearly indicates that the product has merit. Anyway, it's easier for me. I'm only looking for software that will introduce engineering comcepts/practices to HS students, not for professional purposes. Anyone else?
  3. I would love to hear more about this as well. I am using (for about 5-years) Cinema 4D and am certain that I create whatever VW or SW is capable of creating w/o the precision, of course. But, would love to use VW WITH the precision capabilities. I am trying to decide if VW is the best architecture and "basic" engineering software for a new arch/engineering program that we will be introducing in the fall. The thing that is funny is that I know that the airliner in James Bond: Casino Royale was created using VW, but no one seems to be doig this stuff outside "that" studio??? Or people are just unwilling to share what great stuff they are creating using VW unlike other 3D communities (including Cinema 4D) that have people generously sharing their modeling in the form of FREE videos/tutorials. Thanks.
  4. not necessarily a complaint, but it's amazing how few FREE quality resources are available for VW. i frequent the Cinema 4D forums and free, quality tutorials abound. too bad, because some of us would like to see more detail in terms of functionality before making such an investment. open to be corrected on this, but even the VW video tuts are inadequate.
  5. Eeek. I was thinking about using VW as our architecture AND basic engineering software for a high school course. It sounds like the 3D modeling tool set is not popular. The James Bond movies Casino Royale has a passenger airliner built using VW Design. How bad can the 3D modeling be? Also, someone earlier mentioned that VW was not "real" BIM. Could someone explain? EDIT: Is there a program that allows you to do architecture, better than basic 3D modeling and BIM all at once? :confused: My biggest frustration is finding good FREE information concerning the details of what you can do with VW in terms of 3D modeling. I'm not going to buy a manual on modeling if I'm not committed to buying the software. Any FREE tutorials on its capabilities? Thank you.
  6. Thank you, Chris. Yikes, 15-20K! Is there something more in the range of FREE? Doesn't have to be too complex. Would like my HS students to do some analyses of models that they create. An application more in the affordable range would be nice. Thanks, I'll some a little investigating.
  7. Is there anyway to do visual material or structural analysis of structures in VW? This is a simple example of what I mean: http://www.rhombuscgi.com/images/structural-analysis-image.jpg A plugin perhaps? Script it? Thank you.
  8. my high school kids who engross themselves in apps are even giggling about the ipad... it's a real letdown of a product. wait for the MS Courier- it has more promise...
  9. djnelson, I know about Rhino. I need a BIM application such as VW for authentic architecture tools. I know that VW can be used for what I am looking for considering the airplane in Casino Royale was made using it, but want and need to know more about the NURBS and other fluid/organic tools. Thanks, though.
  10. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and VW. Currently considering CAD for a new high school program for the fall. Need something that will allow for both architecture and engineering design. I have been informed that VW is it. A couple of questions: 1. Are there good NURBS functions/tools in VW to allow for airplane, ship design? Is there a tutorial? I know that it must have some decent tools considering the airplane in Casino Royale was made using VW. 2. Anyone using VW for engineering as well? Any resources or websites I can visit of companies that use it for engineering? Thank you! Richard
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