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  1. And here is an export to pdf I just did on a new drawing file I created. Which looks the way I want
  2. I have attached 2 files. One is a straight export to pdf and the other is a straight print to printer which I then scanned as a pdf so I could attach here.
  3. No I've tried with and without the onscreen resolution checkbox. I typically print or export at 150dpi but it doesn't make a difference if I set to 300dpi. I'll attach some images to help illustrate the issue.
  4. I've been dealing with this issue for a while. Some of my VW files export pattern fills as nice smooth gray tones when exporting to PDF. Some files export them as the dots or 'zip' patterns that you see on-screen. Does anyone know what causes the different output to pdf?
  5. I can't rotate a worksheet. In sheet layers. Is it possible?
  6. You mean create the polygon in the sheet layer? Not try to make the polygon with gradient the crop object. Do I have that right?
  7. Is it possible to have a viewport boundary that gradually fades the edges away rather than having an abrupt stop? I'm creating a presentation board and want the plan view and an elevation across the bottom to blend together
  8. Jim I don't seem to be having any issue with VW preferences. Screen capture attached now
  9. That's right. I can send you a screen shot or you can tell me how to post one here. I might be narrowing down the problem to something with the pdf printer
  10. Just started having an issue with page setup. Page size will not change from Arch D (24"x36"). I can change the printer and page size in the Printer setup dialog but the page setup dialog defaults to D size. No matter what. Grrrrrrrr. It's doing this in all my VW files not just one. Anyone seen this before? I would post a screenshot of the 2 dialogs side by side but not sure I can do that here.
  11. Anybody else experiencing 'bugginess' when running VW? Like windows flashing and the occassional tool locking up? VW2013. Windows 7.
  12. The silence is deafening. On the Nomad question...
  13. Has anybody out there been using Nomad? I'm looking for some feedback on the app.
  14. I'm thinking about buying a tablet to simplify my life on the jobsite. I want to be able to access all my drawing files (in VW format or pdf) via the tablet, but also be able to make written notes on the tablet either freehand or with a text tool. The four things I need most at the job are my drawings (with the ability to take notes), a calculator (shooting grades), and a camera. Is anyone else using a tablet this way? Is anyone using the Nomad App right now? Some feedback would be much appreciated.
  15. I jumped from 2010 to 2013. What version was this change made in?
  16. Matt thanks for the additional information. I just don't understand how it can be considered an improvement to have to go to multiple places to assign attributes to a single object.
  17. Oh, well that sucks. Thanks for the help michael. A lot.
  18. Anybody having a problem in 2013 with the attributes palette? I just went to give a line a dash style and there are no dash styles showing in the dropdown. None. Nada. Just lineweights. -Miles
  19. How do I add fonts to Vectorworks? I need Bauer which I have in the windows 7 system fonts but does not show up in VW. Nevermind folks. Restarted VW and font is there... duh.
  20. Tamsin thanks. Is there anything else I should do like setting the working plane before I start to work in 3-D?
  21. When I'm working in 3-D it seems like I always have to zoom out to find my 3-d objects when I change views. For instance when I choose 'right isometric' the object appears way down in the left corner of my drawing. Are there some settings I can change so things don't seem to fly around?
  22. Tobias I knew there had to be a sensible way! That's money, thank you. And there is the added benefit that you are only shown the classes that are not already in the document to prevent overwriting. Yahoo!
  23. Well I typically just copy and paste an object that has the class assigned to it but that means opening the file, finding the objects, etc. Obtuse. I do have atemplate with all the classes, but inevitably I create new ones that don't get into the template. There MUST be a way to import the class without having to go get the object.
  24. How does one import classes from one drawing into another? Seems like it should be as easy as importing symbols or hatches via the Resource Browser.
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