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  1. I'm not sure if this is everything I should have in my signature but here goes...
  2. So I'm just getting back to this issue. Thank you so much for your response. I did check the wall insertion mode is on and i have my settings as show/snap/modify others! If I click on the window icon itself, when i move my mouse a few inches away from the icon, everything switches back to the 2D Selection Tool as if I never clicked on the icon to begin with. I was able to hold my mouse near the mode icons, hit the shift+D to begin the window insert and click on preferences. When I did this I received an error message that says "An attempt to defina a Plug-In Object named 'Window' failed because Symbol Definition with that name already exists in the current document. The entire operation is cancelled."...so i went to my resource browser and chose a window symbol from there and tried to insert it but it shuts VW down. Hummm....
  3. I have a problem inserting a window into a wall in 2010. Never had this problem in 2009. I begin the action (via icon or Shift+D) and all looks fine for a second and then the mode icons switch back to the 2D Selection Tool and I am not able to insert a window! Anyone else have this issue?
  4. J Hank

    Plant Name Tags

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I actually got an answer from someone at Vectorworks telling me that what is happening is a 'bug' that is being worked out. In the meantime, this is what he said is a quick fix: "With the labels that are not cooperating, select them (try one by one at first...doing a bunch may make Vw crash...so save often as you do this). With the labels selected, in the bottom of the attribute palette, click on the down facing arrow...it will pull up a menu starting with use default attributes...choose this, and almost instantly, you will see the geometry of the labels show up again." SO helpful considering I had a 15 page Bid Set due the next day!
  5. Hi, totally new to community board so hope this is correct. I recently updated to 2010. After doing so I am editing a planting plan that was created in 2009. When I creat a new plant mass and have the Hexagon plant callout preference there is no longer a visible hexagon around the callout. The tag class is on and everything, and there is an orange 'ghost' when I linger over the area where it should be. I've even tried the eyedropper to match the others that are correct. Has anyone else had problems with this?


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