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  1. Hmm...I was trying to pass the file along to my structural engineer. He, of course, doesn't want to see anything in the opening. It would be great if the frame and glazing could be turned off and only the opening showed, like a true reflected ceiling plan. In the past I've done this with a masking symbol, but it seems pretty clunky. The PIO's have so much more elegance.
  2. Robert, The show ceiling and show floor commands work on the doors, but for simple windows 2 they do not. Even if I go in and manually go to ceiling view in the OI, I'm not getting any change. I've converted all objects to v2. any thoughts?
  3. Thanks, Katie. I did a clean install of 9.0.1, then 9.5 and everything works. I left everything stock (line weights, preferences, workspaces) and I think that helped. I've now customized 9.5 and all seems to be working.
  4. Additionally, when I go back to 9.0.1 I have to install serial numbers all over again. In 9.5 splash screen w/ Arch and Landmark is not coming up, just VW.
  5. I've updated to 9.5. I have Architect w/ Landmark, and Renderworks. Now all Architect and Landmark menu items have a "not in plug in folder" after them. Update took place over v. 9.0.1. Mac OS 9.1.
  6. I can't print. Too many post script errors. I have to export back to 8.5.2, then the file prints fine. Reading the posts, I'm about the 50th person to mention this. I know of 4 other offices using VW 9 having the same problem. Where is the patch? I love the features of 9, but if I can't print, I can't use it. JE
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