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  1. lrf


    As I suspected, thanks. Leila
  2. lrf


    Hello, Does anyone know whether the sketch style can be applied drawings in VW Fundamentals - I can open a VW Architect version 12 file in which the style has been used and it appears, I can't seem to apply it to my own drawings though. Leila
  3. Does anyone know how to create a plan and elevation views of a 3D model on a sheet layer that look as though they are 2D drawings? That is, in hidden line style? The file I'm working on is attached. Leila
  4. Ah, that's useful, thanks Ray.
  5. Hi all, I don't have renderworks... yet... I guess that means no renderworks camera tool. Here are the two models I'm trying to get into perspective views usable for sketching over. Leila
  6. I've recently began making 3D models in VW Fundamentals. When I add perspective the amount applied is so wild that that the model looks like a distorted load of lines. I've tried the walk through tool and changing the window size but to no avail. Any tips?
  7. Ah, I get it now, thank you. All sorted.
  8. Here's the file, thanks.
  9. lrf


    Thanks so much; I'm well on my way now. Signature added too. This forum is great.
  10. lrf


    Hi, As a newie to VW Fundamentals (coming from AutoCAD) can anyone tell me how to create enclosed shapes (that can be hatched/filled etc) and have curved and straight elements to them? I'm really stuck on this basic question. Leila
  11. I'm trying to add a hatch to a polygon (with curves and straights) imported from AutoCAD. Why doesn't the usual >Modify >Hatch route work? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance...
  12. I'm running VW 2010 Fundamentals, but the help program says 'rotate plan' is available in architect, spotlight, landmark and machine design... Is there another way?! Leila
  13. Is there a way to rotate a view of a design layer and save that view? I want to temporarily rotate everything to edit it more easily. In AutoCAD I used to create a new ucs for this, I'm new to VW Fundamentals having just swapped over from AutoCAD.


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