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  1. Dear Vectorworks users, I have recently released the new version of SmartPaste and Intuitive Tools, custom plugins created to support a more efficient workflow: SmartPaste & IntuitiveTools SmartPaste allows to maintain the structure of all your drawings consistent every time you Copy/Paste across different drawings: It’s great when working in larger teams or using drawing templates. IntuitiveTools are a set of free plugins created to streamline particular functions that can be easily used with single-key shortcuts: they are very handy if you work with a pen tablet as you can easily associate the IntuitiveTools with buttons on your tablet. This Community Board has been a great resource and inspiration for the development of these plugins, therefore I have created a coupon code for the users of the this Community Board who wish to download SmartPaste free of charge: coupon code at checkout: vw_community this code is valid until the 31st December 2015. If would like to download SmartPaste at a later date, please contact support@smartpaste.co.uk Best Wishes to all Giovanni
  2. I work with VW 2009 running on a Mac OS X. I realized that when using a tool, Ctrl+Click normally allows to select different Objects without having to de-select and re-select the tool in use. However, the Mac OS overrides the vectorworks Ctrl+click behavior with the default Ctrl+click=mouse right click. I couldn't find a way around this problem. Does anyone know how? either by changing the Mac OS or the Vectorworks behavior? thanks
  3. We have a Gigabit Ethernet, using Cat6 cables. No Link Aggregation. All that I noticed so far is that: 1- It is not possible to run Updates from the User's account, only from a local account. 2- files located on the user's desktops are always opened as Copies, as if Vectorworks didn't have writing permission on those. (not really relevant to us, since we work always off files located directly on the server9 3- Noticeable speed problems occur when referencing more than one image in the same file. 4- occasionally, It has happend that a Referenced Drawing has disappeared (the viewport of the reference is there but it's empty). after having a look at the history of the files, we could relate the problem to a sudden change in the Class structure of the file that was referenced. (typical when copy/paste across drawings.. in this, the Smart Paste plug-in I scripted is helping us enormously, check it in the Vectorscript Forum) 5- there have been also some issues related to the position of the Zero Point across referenced drawings. This appeared to be misplaced, and we were not able to understand how it happened (we work with saved Zero Points, and we check this often) WIll keep you posted about other problems that might arise. G
  4. Has anyone already tested Vectorworks 2009 in a multi-user environment managed in Open Directory? Our server runs on MAC OSX 10.5.8, and manages 25 users. Vectorworks is installed locally on the Clients, but Users' Folders are located on the server. Are there any known issues or conflicts in this kind of scenario? Thanks
  5. Has anyone already tested Vectorworks 2009 in a multi-user environment managed in Open Directory? Our server runs on MAC OSX 10.5.8, and manages 25 users. Vectorworks is installed locally on the Clients, but Users' Folders are located on the server. Are there any known issues or conflicts in this kind of scenario? Thanks
  6. I wonder if this would be more useful when it was switching the Visibility of the Classes from Visible to invisible...
  7. THis is more like it: PROCEDURE SetObjectClass; VAR Class_Options :Integer; h :HANDLE; x, y :REAL; Active_class :String; BEGIN Class_Options:=GetClassOptions; IF Class_Options<>1 Then Begin GetPt(x, y); h := PickObject(x, y); Active_class:= GetClass(h); NameClass(Active_Class); SetClassOptions(1); SetTool(-240); End else SetClassOptions(5); SetTool(-240); END; Run(SetObjectClass);
  8. I See!! you want this to work without object selection! then you only need this.. PROCEDURE SetObjectClass; VAR Class_Options :Integer; BEGIN Class_Options:=GetClassOptions; IF Class_Options<>1 Then Begin SetClassOptions(1); SetTool(-240); End else SetClassOptions(5); SetTool(-240); End; END; Run(SetObjectClass);
  9. ..that's what the last script i posted does.. IF Class_Options <>1 .. End else SetClassOptions(5); SetTool(-240); End;
  10. Hi Orlando. Great Idea! THis Works out: Introduce the var Class_Options to use the GetClassOptions command. PROCEDURE SetObjectClass; VAR h : HANDLE; Active_class :STRING; x, y :REAL; Class_Options :Integer; BEGIN GetPt(x, y); h := PickObject(x, y); IF h<>NIL THEN BEGIN Class_Options:=GetClassOptions; IF Class_Options<>1 Then Begin Active_class:= GetClass(h); NameClass(Active_Class); SetClassOptions(1); SetTool(-240); End else SetClassOptions(5); SetTool(-240); End; END; Run(SetObjectClass);
  11. Here are two more: Turn on ONLY the Layer of a Selected Object: http://pastebin.com/8LXxHXdR Turn on ONLY the Class of a Selected Object: http://pastebin.com/nE31S546
  12. Here are the scripts for some simple tools to turn On/off a layer/class visibility by clicking on an object, or to set them as Active layer/class, or to turn off all the others. I was scripting these procedures to use them inside the script for one plugin, but I thought they could be useful also individual procedures. See the attached Plug-ins, the scripts on the following links: Hide the Layer of s Selected Object: http://pastebin.com/spkutw5t Hide the Class of a Selected Object: http://pastebin.com/PG3myeWF Set as Active the Layer of a Selected Object: http://pastebin.com/bBKiN6Z8 Set as Active the Class of a Selected Object: http://pastebin.com/9AnTzBsa Gio
  13. Hi Pat, thanks I know it seems a bit redundant.. I just thought it would work for those few cases when the user wants to stretch the rectangle into an irregular polygon. No special need really. If anyone is wondering about the white Pen fore colour, that's because VW seems to have a bug that sometimes doesn't allow to select/edit a viewport crop with Line Style set to None. G
  14. Here is a simple Tool to directly create a Rectangular Viewport Crop. Simple but practical, I find it useful. the script is found here: http://pastebin.com/G8HfjExU
  15. I finally had some time to carry on some work on the Smart Paste. I updated the latest version on the following post: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=142165#Post142165 G
  16. Hello everyone! SMART PASTE is a command to control the automatic creation of new classes when Copy/Pasting across Drawings. I had some time to add some functionality to it, and here it is! in this update, the classes that are assigned will be listed below the class that they are assigned to. However,this is a "step" Update, as I realized that some things need to be re-thought in order to work how I actually think they should. So far, the Plug-in files and resources are attached and available to be tested, the following links has the full script: http://pastebin.com/V5nVxVqH Please, give feedbacks and suggestions! see the following: SUGGESTIONS 1) Shortcuts:Assign Smart Paste and Smart Paste in PLace the shorcuts that are normally for Paste and Paste in Place. This really helps keeping the drawing structure consistent. 2) Paste text inside text-fields: use the normal paste command only to paste text inside text-fields. KNOWN ISSUES 1) Smart Paste does not REPLACE the normal Paste: In order to work, the normal paste needs to be left inside the menu, or in a submenu. 2) Smart Paste does not work when Copy/Paste text INSIDE a text field:this is a behaviour that seems to be impossible to avoid.. 3) UNDO: at the current state, Smart PAste performs the assignment of incoming classes when the "Assign" Button is hit. Even though the Undo History is built step by step, once a class is assigned to another class, the objects on are assigned immediately, so the Undo is not capable to re-place the objects in their original class. I think this can be solved only by creating a record of all the assignments in a XML file, the UNDO reads the record and All the assignments are finally processed when the OK button is hit. (other suggestions?) 4) Sorting the List Browser: Since the Undo History is based on the indexes of items in the lists, I set the EnableLBSorting to FALSE (Line 233,234). However this seems not to work, and it is still possible to sort the list. (if this is done before/after undoing, it will mess up the assignments). Does anyone have any idea why this happens? 5) Smart PAste+Cancel+Smart Paste: in some cases it has happened that after hitting Cancel, and running again the Smart Paste, all Objects have been pasted in the None Class. This has occurred in certain cases, but I couldn't figure out why.
  17. Hello Everyone! Great Inputs guys!! Assembly, this is great, exactly what I needed.. hopefully will not take to long before the next update! G
  18. G-Pang, Great suggestion! I will implement this and post it as soon as it's done. Thanks G
  19. Hello Everyone! Here is a new Downloadable Script for the Smart Paste! Download both attachments (_DialogBuilderUtilities.txt is needed too) or View the Script Here http://pastebin.com/18FHi3iv I have Re-written the Script using Resource Lists to Build the List Browsers as suggested by Orso. This worked Smoothly (thanks orso). I also worked out the Undo Button. I had to use arrays because I faced some problems in outputting the User selections to a txt file and then reading them back to Undo the Actions. If anyone can give me some hints on this, it would be good.. I still have the intention to implement the functionality of saving the User's Choices so that the plug in will be able to do part of the Job automatically, without the User to always re-select already made associations (Matt, I think you suggested this at some point..) Many Thanks to everyone for helping out with this so far!!! Gio PS: this script has only been tested on a Mac version of Vectoworks 2009. Please let me know anyone experiences problems with other versions.
  20. Ciao Orso! thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't thought about passing obj type 94, it actually sounds a much more straight forward way to build the resource list. I will go through the script again, hopefully soon.. If anyone who has tried the plug in had other suggestions, please let us know! Bis Bald G
  21. Thanks Matt, i will test what you said sometimes next week, and still need to work on the Undo Button!! Now, here is a Cleaner version.. .vsm File or http://pastebin.com/m67ebd879 I got rid of some local and Global variables that were flying around without being very useful.. have a good weekend G
  22. aha.. I had just edited the previous post.. in the meantime I worked out this ForEachObject(AssignThem, SEL); SEL criteria did the job, when calling the procedure PROCEDURE AssignThem(h :HANDLE); BEGIN IF GetClass(h) = LOC_ClassArray[x] THEN SetClass(h, assign_to); END; thanks anyway!
  23. Hi Matt, i hope the weather is getting better over there! (or at least not worse). I found some difficulties on how to create a record of user's selections, therefore i defined the Assign Button in a way that it immediately processes the changes to the drawing when pressed.(though i might go back to that idea of the selections record) I uploaded here the .vsm file Uncrypted and the .txt file needed for the Dialog. (for some reason Vectorworks gives an I/O error when I try to Encrypt the script, saying it cannot include the .txt file..) I am now trying to go around the problem when Pasting Text inside textfields.. and will start cleaning the whole script and making it more Accessible to others. looking forward to Feedbacks. Cheers G
  24. Hello Everyone! I had some time to carry on the Smart Paste Script. Here is a snapshot of the Dialog as it looks like now. [img:center]http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=3640&filename=Smart%20Paste.png[/img] At this stage i have to define what the ASSIGN, PASTE IN, and UNDO buttons actually do inside the script.. I was thinking of proceeding this way: When the User assigns one or more classes to one of the exisiting, the ASSIGN, PASTE IN and UNDO Buttons record the user's selection and update the information in the List Browser accordingly. Classes are NOT being assigned and deleted at this moment, but the dialog only Records the associations done by the user, which will be processed once OK button is pressed. with this approach, the Cancel button can easily Quit the whole Smart PAste Procedure, leaving the Drawing unmodified. How does this idea sound? You can find the script at http://pastebin.com/m31e55e0b (the script is still a bit messy..) Thanks G
  25. Hi Justin, I am also learning a lot from other scripts and suggestions. ..and thanks for the observation, I didn't know it was best not to set VAR for each sub. I have been writing those sub procedures individually, and that's why the same VAR are re-called all the time. I will revise a ''clean' version later. BY the way, Does someone have any idea about how to resolve the behaviour of the script when Copy/pasting TEXT inside a textfield?? G


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