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  1. Hi all, OK, no problem. Good to get clarifaction! Thanks for the responses. Cheers, Cookie
  2. Hi all, I have a Spotlight file I've shared with a designer who is using Architect. In my file the lighting devices are all focused, but when the designer opens the file in Architect they are all pointing down. Is there anyway to fix this? Or is this a limitation of Architect? Cheers, Cookie
  3. Hi @Milner Sommers, I think you might be using the wrong command to link Lightwright with your VWX file. 'Import Data' is used to import fixture information from a CSV or tab-separated file. To link your LW with your VWX drawing, use the Data Exchange function, which you access by clicking the 'V' Icon in the top right of the LW window: From this dialogue tick the 'Use Data Exchange' box, and then select the .XML file.
  4. Hi Pat, Thanks for the reply. Sorry that was a VERY old signature, which I didn't realise was still there. It doesn't show in my posts to me when I view them! I'm on 2021 Designer. I'm using Layer Import references for this workflow. Cheers, Cookie
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for a way to display all of the referenced files in a document either in a title block or worksheet. Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated! Cheers, Cookie
  6. Hi jcogdell, Brilliant, thanks for the information. I'll give it try. Wish me luck! Cheers, Cookie
  7. Hi all, Could anyone share any tips on tools & process to model you own truss pickups with spansets? It's an interesting 3D modelling exercise that's currently beyond my skill set to do accurately. It would be great to put a set of symbols together to show the various wrap options, and what can be achieved with the set lengths of spansets available in the UK. Cheers, Cookie
  8. Hi all, What's the best why to shell a solid to a specific depth? I have a desk I'd like to create an indentation of 200mm to the front face, leaving 100mm of the desk structure all the way around. The shell tool does a lovely job of leaving the 100mm around the edges, but cuts all the way to the back of the object. Is there a way to limit this cut? Or of course a better process? Image below for reference: Cheers, Cookie
  9. StudioScan offers LiDar scanning and CAD services to the broadcast and events industries. We’re looking to put together a pool of freelancers for Vectorworks drafting on upcoming projects. In particular those with experience in working with point clouds on architectural projects. If this interests you, please get in touch with your CV: cookie@studioscan.tv www.studioscan.tv
  10. Hi @JustinVH, thanks for the clarification. I think where I was going wrong when pre-adding clamps was I attached the Lighting Info/Parts record to the clamp symbol after I had added it to the 3D geometry of the lighting device (from within the Edit 3D Component window for the lighting device). In this process VWX recognises the clamp as an accessory, but not it's correct placement for hanging on a lighting pipe. If I attached the Lighting Info/Parts record to the clamp symbol first, and then add it to the 3D geometry of the lighting device (using the symbol insertion tool), it's correct placement is recognised:
  11. @JustinVH thanks for the explanation of the process to add clamps as accessories. I was having the same problems as @Mark Aceto Supplemental question: Can we pre-add clamps to lighting devices so they come in from the resource manager with the most common clamp for that lighting device already attached? Or if we're running clamps as accessories do they need to be added every time a lighting device is added to the drawing?
  12. Hi Martin, I'll put in a plug for AutoPlot Tools for Spotlight. http://autoplotvw.com/ It's a set of really useful commands & tools that I use every day. There are commands to select lights by Position/Type/Channel/Dimmer/Legend/Symbol & Class. But the one I use the most is 'Select by Field Value'. This opens a dialogue window with loads of configuration options. Hope that helps!
  13. Certainly makes sense from an organisational point of view to keep it all in one file.
  14. Oh that's interesting. I've been keeping my network plans separate from my installation plans. But my line of work the exact location of the racks is less vital than what's in them. Are your CAD elevations completely separate from your ConnectCAD workflow, or are these integrated/linked the to Signal drawing?
  15. I'm very new to ConnectCAD, but my understanding is the 'Device' on the Schematic Design Layer and the 'Equipment Item' on the Rack Elevation Design Layer are linked, so they don't duplicate on Worksheet counts.
  16. Hi Kevin, Thanks for sharing an example of your custom Devices. Looks really nice. I definitely plan to add an image to mind as well as a visual aid. The 2D rack elevation look is a horse's for courses question of course. But I'm sure given the opportunity to customise this, many people would use it. After all, I don't know anyone who uses the stock lighting symbols! I do feel that visual aids are really helpful for repetitive activity, like building racks. It really helps to see at a glance that the right thing is going in the right place. I don't think this should be an additional symbol. It should be linked to the schematic Device in the same way Equipment Items currently function. It would then be down to the user to choose if they want to use the stock Equipment Item geometry, or add their own and save it for use in other projects.
  17. If there is eventually a path to automate this process, that would be fantastic. It's great to be able to edit Equipment Items, but a little laborious that these can't be saved and associated with Devices. I submit fairly graphical racks plans to the control team on jobs at the moment, and would like to maintain the same look if possible. (Example attached). One of the things that convinced me to purchase ConnectCAD was the automated link between the schematic and the racks elevation. But it seems this process is a lot more manual than I was hoping to produce a customised look. Thanks for the time and information. Much appreciated. Cheers, Cookie GRM Rated Awards 2020-A1.101-Control R3.pdf
  18. Understood, that completely makes sense as a methodology. I'll put some projects together to share on this thread! Cheers, Cookie
  19. Hi @Conrad Preen, Thanks for the detailed response. My gap in understanding of how plug-in objects function is slowly being filled in, hence questions 1 & 2. It seems to the best way forward is to edit devices to my liking and use the 'Save as Symbol' function in the OIP to save these for future use. This will then bring in the geometry & dev_labels I would like when I add the devices to my schematic from the resource manager. Once saved as symbols, could you please elaborate on the workflow to link these custom Equipment Items to Devices? When using the ConnectCAD/Layout/Update Rack Elevation function, is it possible it pull in these custom Equipment items, or do they need to be manually added to the rack layout from the resource manager? An option that places the text outside of the rack, but still on the same Y coordinate of the Equipment Item would be really useful. That way users could add accurate geometry to the front of the Equipment Item without the label displaying over the top. It would be great to be able to selectively add user fields to show on Equipment Items. On simple control networks I might want to display the IP address of a device for example.
  20. Hi @Conrad Preen, Yes sorry for the drift from topic. Still very much feeling my way though with ConnectCAD and wanted to understand your comment about use of symbols better. As I understand it, this more to do with Plug-In object behaviour. Hence why updating the symbol in the resource manager doesn't update each instance of the device in the drawing. Cheers, Cookie
  21. Hi all, Ideally I’d like to build my own ConnectCAD template file with devices pre-formatted to my tastes. A few questions in that regard: Custom Schematic Devices 1. As stated in this post, it’s possible to edit the look of the top of a schematic device by editing the dev_label_XXX symbols. Is it possible to pre-assign this label specific specific to each device type, or does the label type need to be manually assigned every time? 2. What about adding an image onto a device? Is there a way to add this to a device type in advance, or must it be done manually on each device in the schematic view? 3. In the 2D rack elevation it’s possible to edit the look of an equipment item by double clicking on it and adding your own geometry. Can this process be done ahead of time by device type? 4. The text alignment in 2D rack elevation can be changed to Centre/Left/Right/Above. Can this be edited to add custom labels/formats? Can additional fields be added to this? Cheers, Cookie
  22. Hi @Conrad Preen, just for clarity are you saying that working from custom symbols is not a supported/recommended workflow?
  23. Hi @symo, An alternative is to use a place-holder symbol for the vertical position (in grey below). I turn off the class of the actual lights. The schematic view is on it's own class. It's because of schematic views, and this issue, that I've started to class lights by position. Makes it much easier to hide/view vertical positions without having lots of additional Design Layers. Hope that helps. Cheers, Cookie (P.S. Hope all's well in Aotearoa)
  24. Thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov . Shall let you know if it happens again.
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