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  1. Hi Sebastiaan, It would certainly expand the functionality for me massively.
  2. Greetings all, Still wrapping my head around Data Tags and how best to utilise them in my workflow. Is it possible to have the fill colour of a Data Tag dynamically change depending on the value of one of its fields? In simple terms: If I had a Data Tag field called 'Colour' which had a value of 'Blue' could I get the Data Tag to automatically change to blue? Thanks for the help as ever and have a great New Year everyone. Cheers, Cookie
  3. Indeed, the price of popularity! Well it's a niche market, but know your efforts past, present and I hope future are appreciated.
  4. I'll second that. Really enjoyed them when I discovered them. @Pat Stanford, any plans to do some more?
  5. Hi Yordan, Fantastic! Thanks for that. Just what I was looking for. Cheers, Cookie
  6. Ah I see. Thanks Rob. And once snapped to the centre line the light can only be moved directly up or down to the cord otherwise the light once again snaps to centre? This does make every light move a two action procedure. No way to turn this off for those of us not utilising Braceworks?
  7. Greeting all, I have a query about lighting instruments snapping to trusses when they are converted to hanging positions: If I drag a light onto a truss once the truss is converted into a hanging position, I get a red snap line down the centre of the truss. The light wants to snap there even if I hover over the edges of the truss. I've tried this will all the snapping options on and off, and the behaviour is the same. Is there a way to disable this? Obviously I would like the lights on the cords of the truss and not down the centre line. Many thanks as ever for your help. Cheers, Cookie
  8. Ah, I see. Thanks for the direction there. Unfortunately it only offers one symbol to be selected and displayed. Oh well. I'll add it to the wish list. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply. Could you point me in the right direction for the Typical Symbol widget please? I can't find a reference for it anywhere sorry.
  10. Greetings all, I suspect this is a 'feature request' rather than a 'how to', but I thought I'd start with asking if there is a way to achieve this. It strikes me it would be really useful to include symbols other then Lighting Instruments in an Instrument Schedule. Ancillary items such as lighting consoles, chairs, tables etc that the lighting designer would like to specify for a show. Currently the only way I know to do this is to convert them into lighting instruments. This is fine as a workaround, but it does mean they show up in Lightwright. Not the end of the world, but a little annoying as it's more unhelpful clutter. Is there a way to include standard symbols in an Instrument Schedule (Items that are not lights)? Or alternatively, is there some kind of 'instrument schedule' for displaying symbols and counts for a selection of standard symbols in a drawing? Cheers, Cookie
  11. Hi Mark, No worries. VSS had exactly the same response as you at first. I’ve been in a very slow email exchange with them over this issue. (Two weeks so far...) I’ve yet to get an acceptance from them that this is a bug. It’s very helpful to know others are seeing the same behaviour. Interesting workaound. Thanks for that. I’ll give it a whirl! cheers, Cookie
  12. Hi Mark, Thanks for sending that over (So promptly!) The issue I'm having is with section viewports made from clip cubes: (Your file has standard viewports in it, not section viewports). When I make section viewports made from clip cubes the 3D legend does not display in hidden line, but does in other render modes: File attached. Have a look if you have time and let me know what you think. Cheers, Cookie Test_02.vwx
  13. Likewise, since it's introduction 'section viewport from clip cube' has been indispensable for me. I haven't actually seen confirmation from Vectorworks that they recognise this as a bug yet. In the test file I sent VSS they deleted the section viewport from the clip cube, replaced it with a standard viewport (in elevation) and told me it was fixed...
  14. Hi LX1, No not as of yet. The last message from VSS was nearly a week ago. I've just chased them up again. I presume you can replicate this fault as well? Cheers, Cookie
  15. Oh well. It was worth a punt. Thanks for letting me know Kevin.
  16. Hi all, Is it possible to change the 'Advanced Viewport Properties' defaults for all new viewports in a file? I'd like to have 'Adjust Flipped Text' default to off if possible. Thanks!
  17. Ah well, that's a little disappointing. Kevin & Jim, thanks for the clarity on the subject. Saves more time I would have spent chasing my own tail. Look forward to this functionality being implemented in the future! All the best
  18. Hi all, I'm looking for a little help with Data Tags. These look like a great way to make notes about cable runs on my plans. What I'd like to do is place data tags on my plan and enter in information about cable IDs, lengths etc. I'd then like to make a worksheet of that data. I'm struggling a bit with the worksheet part of this exercise. The 'User-entered Fields' are an easy way of generating fields on the data tags, but I can't see these anywhere on in the worksheet dialogue. I've also looked at linking Field Records with data tags, but haven't had any joy there either. Any assistance much appreciated! Cookie
  19. Hi Charlie, Thanks for having a look at this. Yes it's a section viewport made from a clip cube where the issue is showing up. The file you uploaded displays the 3D legends ok, but it's not a section viewport from the clip cube. I'm trying to use a section viewport to isolate a small part of my drawing. Did VW support offer you any explanations/fixes or workarounds? Interestingly, if I export a PDF of the sheet layer with a section viewport, the 3D Label Legends shows up. It's just on the screen where it's not visible. All the best, Cookie
  20. Hi Mark, Thanks for the quick reply. Good to know I'm not going mad! Will file as a bug. Cheers, Cookie
  21. Hi all, I've just moved over to VW2019 SP2. I'm having a problem with 3D label legends displaying in Viewports which are made from a Clip Cube. If I make a front elevation Viewport on a sheet layer without the clip cube, the label legends display fine. If I use the clip cube to make the viewport, then they disappear. File attached. Any input most welcome! Thanks. 3D Label Legend - Clip Cube .vwx
  22. Hi Pat, Yes the offset is the same for each type of symbol made, but they have all been individually rotated to indicate focus (see attached screen shot). So the relative 0,0 point to each one is in a different place depending on how it's been rotated. So unfortunately I can't just replace and move as it doesn't take into account the rotation angle. I'm sure there's some maths that could sort this out, but it's more than my brain can manage!
  23. Hi Pat, Thanks for the prompt reply. The DWG for the site came in fine. (And no it's not 38km wide!). The problem is in the individual symbols in the DWG. If you edit one of these symbols, the light is drawn 38km from the origin. So if I replace one with a symbol that is drawn at 0,0 then it ends up 38km from the original symbol on the plan.


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