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  1. So here is better example of the faces. This particular images is fairly accurate as far of the modeling of the side lighting. It's quite close to how the show turned out.
  2. Hey Scott, Since I created the rendering I can answer that for you. This was modeled in Vectorworks and then taken into Cinema 4D where we used custom light models with more accurate beams and bodies — they are also rigged (in the 3D modeling sense) so we are able to easy refocus. The beams were generated by starting with IES files and then modifying the parameters to be suit the rendered look. There was a bit of trial and error to get the desired effect. This was also do a few years ago used I believe C4D R13 or R14. Lighting control has improved in later versions. Also the C4D render engine within VW has come along way the last few years. You can get very similar results now without having to go to C4D. On this particular project it was necessary to work in C4D because of the Clay Paky B-Eyes. You don't see it in this rendering but we spent a good deal of time modeling the face of the B-Eye so we could explain to our client how they would appear on camera in the context of the event. Let me know if you have any other questions. Also if you like to see how this compares to the real thing visit our website at http://www.sholight.com Cheers, Tyler
  3. So I am trying to build my first plug-in and I am totally stuck. I can't seem to get the function for inserting a symbol to work. Yes, I have read the documentation in the SDK. Yes, I understand the the function is Symbol( symbolName, pX, pY, rotationangle), but I just can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Does any have an example of a script that allows users to click on a spot on the document to insert a symbol, that they would like to share in order to help me out? Thanks, Tyler
  4. Tyler@Sholight

    ODBC - How to on Mac

    I have not been able to establish an ODBC link between FMP 10 and VW 2011. I have however been able to achieve a link between VW 2011 > MySQL > FMP10. Only problem I am having now VW hangs when I run either the "Updating the Document Objects" or "Update External Objects" command. The engineers have been made aware of the issue and they are working. I will keep everyone posted on what I find. Additional once I know everything is working as it is intended to I will write a detailed step-by-step guided on how to make this work, which I will make available to all Vectorworks users.


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