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  1. Have you found a solution to this? I am still running VWX-2019 but with Monterey on an Intel MacBookPro and the dialogs are killing me. The "save as" window is 4-5x the width of my display and I cannot resize it small enough to fit. And disconnecting the external monitor didn't make any difference. In fact it's probably worse.
  2. Earlier this year I had multiple emails back and forth with my VWX sales rep and his solution was "...you need to upgrade," even though there was no guarantee that the problem was actually fixed in the current release. Funny how the proposed solution always seems to involve a sales commission and yet the problem mysteriously continues to exist across multiple [annual] releases. 😡 My last upgrade (to v2019, which I'm still on) was meant to fix rendering issues...which it did not. Recently my sales rep emailed me to tell me that I needed to upgrade soon because my current [2019] license would "...soon not be upgradeable." Seriously? Is that really Nemetschek's new policy, that users have to upgrade to every version or else they get left out in the cold and have to buy a new full license?
  3. I haven't sent the file for evaluation because as of now the behavior has stopped. What's all the more frustrating is that there is no clear answer as to why... I didn't clear out any cache files (I don't even know where they are), reinstall the app or anything like that. @archdaly reports that his problems were fixed by closing and re-opening the file, but in my case I could close/re-open the file and it would still have the errant behavior. Even a reboot would not solve it, with the app still rendering deleted items. This lasted for a few days. Eventually this behavior stopped and I haven't been able to reproduce it. Right now things appear to be working correctly but I will send a file when the problem shows up again.
  4. Super frustrated right now. I'm running v2019-SP4 and my Renderworks renders are completely useless. At first I noticed that renders were including objects from disabled/invisible classes. As an experiment I deleted nearly everything in my drawing, closed the app, and reopened the file...only to discover that renders are including the deleted objects! My frustration level doubled when I came here to find a solution, only to discover multiple threads reporting that this issue has existed--unsolved--for years. I just spent $1600 this spring to upgrade to v2019...and for what? An app that is perpetually broken?
  5. If I create a 2d object, a square, for example, the object info box has all sorts of useful information such as the dimensions and the coordinates of the insertion point (changeable to be the corners, center, etc). If I extrude the object, most of that information disappears. It still has the size information, but everything else goes away. Particularly annoying is the loss of the insertion point. It's as though the object is now just floating around on my drawing and I have no way to put it in a precise location. Why does this happen?
  6. I've been using Vectorworks on and off for 4 years (since version 12, and upgraded twice to v2009) and still have yet to find a good solution for what I consider an absolutely basic need: raking trusses. Vectorworks will not allow rotating 3D objects on the X or Y axis; I understand that I can change the hanging angle of my truss...but that does not allow for raking trusses with instruments attached. And if I convert a truss to a lighting position (so attached lights move with the truss), the option to change the hanging angle disappears. I think it completely reasonable that I should be able to grab an entire truss--or multiple trusses--with lights attached and rotate them around any axis. When I was using AutoCAD (before converting to Mac in 2005) this would take less than 10 seconds. As best as I have been able to determine in Vectorworks, the only way to accomplish a the task is to change the hanging and rotation angles of each truss, try to line them up at their junctions, and then adjust the 3D rotation & X/Y/Z of each light that is supposed to be attached to a truss, a daunting task... especially when I am needing to create a handful of different options to present to the client. AND frustrating considering how bloody easy it is in AutoCAD. Please somebody tell me where I've missed the boat. Many thanks. Leif
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