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  1. Hans Thanks for the honest answer. Yup no Holy Grail... Your program looks very slick almost magic. But as a fabricator we look at where the rubber meets the road and work backwards which eliminates most of the offerings outside of standard box production and sound like where your software will remain for the foreseeable future. Pat
  2. I will take the reticence to my question as the answer from Interior Cad.
  3. Wes thanks for the reply. I was hoping to hear from some users regarding their take on how Interior Cad works with Cnc and the real world application of it. Pat
  4. Hi All I looked at Interior Cad quite a while ago. At that time as I recall they did not have much ability to use cnc. I looked at a demo with someone named Stephan. Other than that they seemed to have a pretty slick program. I have been using Solidworks and Autocad. Solidworks is pretty good at 3d but time consuming and poor at exporting to cnc. Autocad is good at exporting to cnc but poor at modeling. I thought I would check in for an update on Interior Cad. We do commercial and find soldmodeling useful, we do very little conventional cabinets which is why I'm still looking for the "holy grail". Is there anyone in my situation using Interior Cad that would like to offer their take on Interior Cad? particularly regarding cnc. I currently use Enroute. Do they have any support for So Calif or the United States? Thanks Pat
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