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  1. sorry i forgot one bit, when you go into the vectorworks plant database for the first time click file and import vectorworks plant list then select coblands plant list from your hard drive (it's in your programn files look for additional datasets within your VW program files).
  2. go to Get plant data in your Edit plant definition box, then open VW plants, this will open the Vectorworks plant database, some of these plants are from coblands, to sort out the ones that are only from coblands go to the data source boc at the bottom and type coblands, the clik file and create vectorworks plant list and give it a name. this will then be available in your when you click get plant data. tip there are a lot of plants so it's best to sort them into shrubs herbaceous while you are still in the landmark database and creat a seperate list for each set or it will take forever when you try and import a plant
  3. When i try to make my own plant symbol, it puts a black box instead of putting the plant tag/text.
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