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  1. Hi, v2020 seems to come with a "simple elevator" plugin that raises an error saying the resource is missing or damaged. I found an old post (referring to v2016 I think) that suggested removing and re-adding it to the workspace. But when I try to re-add it, I cannot find "simple elevator" just "elevator." But "elevator" works, so I'm wondering what's the difference and which one SHOULD we use if one supersedes the other? And if it's "simple elevator" how can I find out what resource it's looking for? And where did simple elevator come from? Thanks, Jeff (IT Mgr; not an architect -- so be gentle ūüôā )
  2. Unsure. I didn't explicitly update anything, but I'm not sure if dropbox does it automatically. I'm currently running v82.4.155 on MacOS 10.14. Most other users are on 10.13. Another user did re--download and install dropbox while troubleshooting and is having the problem. Thanks, Jeff
  3. We're getting this too, across projects. Something must've changed on DB. This is is potentially catastrophic. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Not likely. I posted the same question to MacRumors in hopes of a miracle, but it seems the 2018 Mini is stuck at 10.14.1 or higher. I know there has been hardware in the past I could downgrade, but I think only if it was released very soon after the OS. But a month likely gave them plenty of time to write measures into the firmware to prevent it. Thanks, Jeff
  5. With project sharing, it would be great to have an option where, rather than the client computer user's name, project files look at the username used to connect to the server. That way an administrator could log on to the server from any client and make whatever changes are needed. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Hi Juan, Thanks, I was actually using this to build the command I'm using. But UserName and CompName do not get set. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Hi All, When I run the command-line installer for a silent install, and set the user and company names, I am still prompted with "Personalize Your Copy of VW" dialog. Here's the command (serial redacted of course): /Volumes/Vectorworks2018-SP3-418943-SeriesB-installer5-osx/Vectorworks\ 2018\ Installer.app/Contents/Resources/installer/Install\ Vectorworks2018.app/Contents/MacOS/installbuilder.sh --unattendedmodeui none --mode unattended --Serial <SERIAL#HERE> --UserName "Jeff Cooper" --CompName "King + King Architects" --installdir "/Applications/Vectorworks 2018" I used this method when we did 2017 and it worked like a charm. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jeff


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