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    2018 Silent Install Not Storing Username or CompName

    Hi Juan, Thanks, I was actually using this to build the command I'm using. But UserName and CompName do not get set. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Hi All, When I run the command-line installer for a silent install, and set the user and company names, I am still prompted with "Personalize Your Copy of VW" dialog. Here's the command (serial redacted of course): /Volumes/Vectorworks2018-SP3-418943-SeriesB-installer5-osx/Vectorworks\ 2018\ Installer.app/Contents/Resources/installer/Install\ Vectorworks2018.app/Contents/MacOS/installbuilder.sh --unattendedmodeui none --mode unattended --Serial <SERIAL#HERE> --UserName "Jeff Cooper" --CompName "King + King Architects" --installdir "/Applications/Vectorworks 2018" I used this method when we did 2017 and it worked like a charm. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jeff