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  1. Sorry for the late answer, we've solved this manually by updating VectorWorks on an external network. However I would like to have a solution in the future, since doing this manually takes a lot of time. I should have send you the UpdateLog.txt file
  2. I've tried with the SP5 updater & the "check for updates" within VectorWorks. Is there a specific update program located on the DVD? In that case I have not been able to find it.
  3. Hi We're trying to update VW2009 from build 94894 to the newest SP5 update, however we get the following error: There was an error in GetAndInstallUpdates Within the log file it says: ERROR function: GetAndInstallUpdates ERROR file: installerscript.pyc ERROR function: GetRemoteFileSize Now we've tried on an external network and the update seems to be working just fine. Therefore I suspect there is something in our firewall that prevents the update from reaching Nemetschek servers. Having all the clients on an external network is not really an option, so I've researched a bit on which ports should be opened. I've found these: install.nemetschek.net ( download2.nemetschek.net ( Port 80 (UDP & TCP) Port 75 (UDP & TCP) However it still does not work. Could it be that we're behind a proxy that causes the issue? I really hope you can help us. Best regards Rocky Nordberg OK a.m.b.a Denmark
  4. Sorry for my lack of response, I've been away from work The media is on autoselect, however i've tried plain paper and nothing changes, it is still slow. I'm still wondering why its not every single drawing, but only every third that prints slow. Are there any adjustments made to the drawings that can slow up printing?
  5. One of my responsibilities is to make sure that our printers are working as intended, but I do not work with VectorWorks on daily basis, so this might be an easy question, but I havent been able to look it up myself. We have 2 different kind of users, VectorWorks and VWviewers. On some drawings printing in VWviewer (regular A3 and 2Ddrawings) can take up to 4mins to print, were the same drawings only take 10secs in VW. I've tried to install VWviewer on a regular pc with WinXP but this one works without any delay The only difference is that VWviewer users are using HP Color laserjet 5500 PCL6 we're as VW users are using Canon IR5500. Obvious the problem is proberly the printer, however whenever the slow printing occours the PDF Creator is also terrible slow. Is there any settings that I can adjust to make printing faster? VectorWorks 2009 SP2 build 99197 thanks in advance.
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