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  1. I haven't come across that one -- I'll have a look. Thank you. Sarah
  2. Okay. I've solved it by moving everything to a new file. But why did I get that message in the first place?
  3. How do I email you a drawing? I'm new to forums and I'm not sure about the protocol. Sarah
  4. Hi, Thank you. It's a duplicate array along path -- basically a simple stepping stone path. I'll email you the drawing. Thanks for the recommendation for tutorials. I'll have a look. Sarah
  5. I'm trying to make a curved path using Duplicate Array along path but when I use a curve, the curve lenght box just says Dump String and it won't work. It's fine on straight lines. Also, can anyone recommend some VWorks online tutorials. Sarah
  6. Hi I need a large monitor for using Vectorworks and I'm thinking of the Dell 2209WAB Ultrasharp 22 - Inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor. Any comments or advice? Sarah
  7. Can anyone help me with this please? I am using Landmark 2010. Thanks Sarah
  8. I'm also having problems with the landmark tutorial disk -- there are only two items for LM on the data set and am also unable to download/open/save the data set files on the website.


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