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  1. We are also looking for a new plotter. We have been using an HP455 CA with its RIP software. The software is clunky, but it works OK. The hardware is a steady workhorse, but we'd like to find a faster plotter. The specific trouble with the software is that it gets corrupted very easily, and takes many steps to rebuild when it does.
  2. quote: Originally posted by Robert Anderson: I can't reproduce this. Can you send me a file where this has occured? I sent you one at Nemetschek's tech email address. Let me know if you got it.
  3. when adding and subtracting from a roof face we found the functions flipped. Has anyone else had this experience in Architect 9.0.1 or VW?
  4. I am reasonably happy with HP455CA although it's not fast. But it prints 36" sheets. I can't use my Epson1520 for big prints but it is much faster. Both fairly reliable but I have the feeling both Epson and HP are writing PC software and then modifying for Mac. The HP software is especially clumsy.
  5. My main concern now is whether to wait for the fixes and possibly let my 30 day return ability run out, or send it back and buy it again later. Nemetschek please respond with your policy on this
  6. "ink jet printer that can print on 11x17 paper. I am considering buying an HP 1220c printer with adobe post script to replace an EPSON 1520..." I love my Epson 1520. My big HP 455CA designjet plotter is much slower and crashes a lot. Of course it's a different type of thing.
  7. quote: Originally posted by ionw@mac.com: Well I just got word it was about 2 weeks out from today the 6th of June. Cartbonization was even farther out for those of us playing in Mac OS X. I was told "mid June"
  8. Check out the forum v9 and printing. (currently flaming). You're not alone. (unless Bess chewed the cord) [This message has been edited by ollypo (edited 05-18-2001).]
  9. We have a HP455CCA. The RIP software works fairly well but gets corrupted occasionally and needs its prefs thrown out. Although the software is a bit clunky, the actual plot time is about the same as it was with macplot. Is the 500 series closely related to the 455?
  10. quote: Originally posted by cashmb: Enough has been said about the problems with VW-9. Or has it? I hope that the NNA marketing folks will listen to the NNA programers next time and not release a retail beta version in the future. I like what the potential may be with VW-9 but I am going back to 8.5.2. For NNA management may I refer you to review the SEI web page at http://www.sei.cmu.edu/. Good luck. Yes, me too. Had enough, let's wait till the bugs are fixed!
  11. quote: Originally posted by michaelcobb: I'm on a mac g4 w/ os 9.0.4 and VW 8.5.2 I would like to simplify the triple tabbing that is required to get to the length entry for the line and wall tools. Also I would like to be able to return to the selection arrow using my mouse. I've got a 4 button logitech mouse using usb overdrive. Right now the right click is set to "tab" and the thumb is set to "x". A triple right click gets me to the length entr field with the line and wall tool, and a single thumb gets me back to the selection arrow. This later function will not work when I'm using the text tool because "x" is a letter. I'm sure this is a plebian question for those in the know but I am sadly not. Any ideas for short cutting these two simple commands? Also, it looks like there is no repeat last command function either. Any help is appreciated. I think your mouse sounds very complicated. I would suggest bringing this alien object to a user group for deep dissection. Pressing x will always get you back to selection unless you are in text.
  12. can we hear from tech on this
  13. quote: Originally posted by : We have HP455CA plotter, Laser writer MP and Epson 1520. They all have serious trouble printing VW9/renderwks on the G4/733, system 9.1,Nvidea card combo. But not with other macs. [This message has been edited by ollypo (edited 05-14-2001).] [This message has been edited by ollypo (edited 05-14-2001).]
  14. The NVIDEA 2d excelerator extension must still be turned off with VW9. OX doesn't work with many programs [This message has been edited by ollypo (edited 05-12-2001).]
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