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  1. BCD, Are you running 2013 on Yosemite? Best, Wm
  2. Vincent, Do you know if VW 2013 works with Yosemite? Best, Wm
  3. Vectorworks 2013 and Yosemite? Anyone know if it works? And, no, I am NOT upgrading to 2015. There's no value there. Everyone I know uses Autocad and while I like Vectorworks, the viewports feature is very cumbersome compared to Autocad. Please let me know if VW 2013 works with Yosemite.
  4. No worries, Mike, I am grabbing the handles of the polygon and I am only able to move it in the plane of the polygon. I want to move it perpendicular to that or in the Z axis. Does it work that way? Is this possible?
  5. How do I change the workplane to lower this edge? When I move the workplane to Z axis and then I click on this plane, the location of the workplane reverts to the previous flat plane. [img:left]https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxG5yCHC6eQGSXRuRlBqTkM2aEk/edit?usp=sharing[/img] Please help! Thanks!!!!
  6. Thanks. I am trying to stuff everything into a 2 x 10 cavity with an extra 2x4 nailer on the bottom. I can do it in BOA but...
  7. Christiaan, You're right about "flexibility." It means 2 programs because Sketchup is way faster and Rhino way more powerful. After teaching a Revit class, I can see that Autodesk is pouring millions into it and a huge network of smart objects and users is being created. That's what I need to tap into to be competitive today. I have a colleague who designed a large lab building for the US DOE. He accomplished this through DD by himself in Archicad. The firm that did the cds used Autocad. He told me that keeping it in Archicad wasn't a fight worth having. Revit has raced to the head of the class. That's where the energy and resources are going. Nemetschek is going to have to decide how they can keep up. Like I said, as a 2-d program, I love Vectorworks. As a 3-d program, it is more powerful than 10 years ago but it doesn't have the features or the flexibility to do many tasks.
  8. May I have a 2009 version? I cannot open it. Thanks!!!
  9. Greetings, Can someone point me in the right direction in modeling plumbing runs in 3d? I need to quickly show the plumbing contractor that will work. I looked at the plumbing tool and I find the interface, which is really a leftover from 2-d, to be limiting and baffling. Thanks!!! Cheers, Wm
  10. I suspect that we're entering a new era where the big player now offers the state of the art product and that small players, like Vectorworks, are going to have a much tougher go at it. I have already found that my clients expect some level of energy analysis in their buildings. They bring up Ecotect. BIM makes it much more difficult to be outside the eco system. The network effect here is paramount. You need off-the-shelf pieces that work and that's what Revit has to offer. I dislike Autodesk but I think here in the USA, the writing is on the wall. I am using Vectorworks 2009 but if I can all of this great stuff in Revit that makes my life easier and my process better, then I am going to do it in order to stay competitive.
  11. Where is it? Thanks for the heads up. I was expecting it in November as well. Are we there yet? ;-) I am looking forward to it.
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