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  1. Great ! Thanks a lot ! You answered quickly and right ! That's exactly what I was looking for !
  2. Hi everybody, First and foremost, I'm not english so I'll certainly speak wrong, I just hope you will still understand what I mean, and could help me ! Otherwise, say me if it's too fuzzy, I'll try to reformulate. So, I wanna indicate the intervalle between two lines in VectorWorks 2009, then I try to use either the "constrained linear dimension" tool, or the "unconstrained", or the "grid bubble", but all three have a defect I can't figure out. Indeed, the arrows are definitely too big. Actually, they are downright huge. They hide the entire drawing around. And with the object info window I'm able to change a lot of thing, but not the size of the arrows. I can increase the all scale of my entire drawing, so then the arrows looks good. But in this case the displayed dimensions are wrong. And I cant change it. Thus if somebody has an idea, I'll be thankful ! So that I'll not be forced to divide my hard drive to create a Windows partition, and setting up Autocad.


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