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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know of a Marionette that would allow the batch adding of a Suffix ( or prefix) to a set of resources. EG. I have a bunch of images and want to give them the suffix IF. Then I can create the same images as textures and then give the texture names the suffix TX. Many thanks, Martyn
  2. Hi Alan, It will be interesting to see what happens if you try to create a Tool Plug-in using a bigger network. Best, Martyn
  3. Great - thanks for this Marissa. And don't worry about the voice thing - i think we all get that the first time we hear our own voice and for what its worth yours sounds fine and clear from this end - so no excuses now
  4. Hi Alan, I have done similar for Menu Commands - the main problem I have is that there is a 32,000 character limit to the script which only allows for a very small Marionette Network in the first pace. Have you seen any such issues and if so, how did you get around them? The warning that the Plugin Manager gives is to use the import statement but we have not been able to do this successfully and the documentation on the web is very vague and not Vectorworks specific.
  5. I'd also find the ability to use Selected objects in a network Kevin and it does seem to be a restriction at this point in time. The only workaround I have come up with is to save the network as a python script and then bring back in as a Plug in Menu Command through the Plugin Manager. Problem I have here though is that the Plugin Manager cannot use scripts with more than 32,000 characters ( which therefore only allows very small Marionette Networks ) and I can't for the life of me work out how to use the Import Statement as suggested in the warning that pops up. I would also love to have a version of the Objs by Criteria node that was a pop up in the OIP when running a network.
  6. Hi Trevor, I am sure there will be users happy to share. The key aspect if you are looking for users to help is specifying what you need really. Often half the time taken in development is designing the spec - if you can contribute to that, it is more likely that you'll get help in the Marionette solution - nothing worse than creating an object and then someone saying 'that's not what I wanted' For example, in the bookcase example you highlight, what are the key parametric values you want to include? i.e. Height, Width, Depth, Number of shelves etc And do you need the books etc. Best, Martyn
  7. Thanks Marissa, that makes sense and I'll put it through its paces Martyn
  8. Hi, I've been experimenting with the Set IFC Node and am encountering an issue if I use a List Node to control the inputs. The attached file includes a simple script showing the issue ( and a similar benchmark script without the list node which does work). Can anyone see if I am doing something wrong or does this node just not accept List based input? Many thanks, Martyn
  9. Hi Marissa, The specific and very real need is when creating records to be used as IFC Custom Property Sets. These require fields that are the same and which are put in a strict alternating format. See my revised file which has a fuller network included which takes the info from a worksheet in the file, creates two lists and then zips these into a single list. The output from the single list is the correct way an IFC Customer Property Set Record should be set up - but its not being interpreted "correctly" by the the Get Field node. Many thanks, Martyn
  10. Hi, I am seeing an issue with the Get Field node in that it does not omits repeated fields to be created from a list if the list contains the same names. This scenario is required when trying to create IFC Custom property sets. I would appear that the node is simply ignoring any duplicate fields through the input port. See the file attached. I have created a list which asks for 4 fields each with the name "Test" to be created, but the result is simply 1 filed in the record called "Test". Many thanks, Martyn
  11. Thanks Marissa - I'll give that a go. By the way meant to say thanks to everyone that has helped during this last few weeks contribute to my knowledge and also for some of the nodes such as the Is In node.
  12. Here are a bunch of networks that carry out various Class Visibility operations including the ability to search for a class by a string. This is particularly useful for users like those in the UK who have coded class standards such as Uniclass 2015 but sometimes just need to find a class that contains the work insulation rather than knowing its code (which come at the front of the naming standard. In turn, I turned these networks into Python script ( right click, Save Marionette Script as Python Script ) and then in turn, made these into Menu Command Plug-Ins ( through Tools>Plugin>PlugIn Manager) and then added them to my workspace ( Tools>Workspace>Edit Current Workspace). Best regards, Martyn PS: I'd like to be able to refine the search mechanism to NOT be case sensitive. I haven't looked into it yet but if anyone has any suggestions....
  13. Ah great - and thanks for responding to my notes in the node
  14. Hi Patrick, many thanks. Sorry to ask a silly question, but what do I do with this? I tried adding this to a Node but I received a Syntax error or an Indentation Error. Thanks, Martyn
  15. Hi, here is a quick addition to the Worksheet nodes ( at least I didn't see it in Marissas list of worksheet nodes. I takes the Get Cell Value node which results in a and modifies it to Get Cell String for getting text data out of the cell. This is such a great tool ( marionette I mean, not my node) - I mean if I can modify a node, then anyone can Cheers, Martyn


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